weapon (melee)

Durandal appears to be a slightly blunt sword with a black scabbard. Depending on who wields it, it seems to fit perfectly in terms of weight, feeling like an extension of the arm. As it swings through the air, it seems more to ‘weave’ through the air rather than cut through it.

It seems to absorb any magic that is channeled at it.


According to Kei Tsururu, Durandal is a rapier that houses three Ancient Spirits and due to its nature, it is intrinsically linked to the Spirit Plane.

It is known as the Sword of Miracles, as in the past, all its wielders have performed miracles, such as fighting an army single-handedly, shattering the Iron Gates of Lemuria, etc, it was only a few years ago that Kei was able to unlock Durandal’s secrets – it has the ability to grant you the ability to perform three normally impossible feats in the face of great adversary.

Durandal was formed by the merging of three heroic spirits. The sword itself originated as an anti-magic implement, which was likely used in an attempt to destroy the spirits. The attempt failed as Durandal instead tethered itself to the sword.


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