Kei Tsururu


Kei Tsururu is a remarkably young looking 33 year old woman with long red hair and laughing eyes. She can be oddly child-like (or is it childish?) at times, but she seems kind of heart, dedicated to protecting the women who come to the shrine looking for aid.

She has a swordsman’s callouses, having practised constantly with Durandal over the years, though she never had formal training and all she has learnt about sword fighting has come from a book handed down in her family.

Kei is also a spirit walker and appears to have some ability to see possible futures. Perhaps it is this ability which paralyzes her, causing her to be afraid to act, lest she inadvertently cause the future she sees.


Kei Tsururu is the descendant of General Iozune Tsururu, one of the Great Generals who led the rebellion against the Tyrant roughly 150 years ago. As a young child of a noble/well-off family, she was playmates with Kogame, attending the same school until Kei was selected to study at the Temple of Ioun under the Head Priest.

She and Kogame were likely close as children, but later on their opinions began to clash on how the State should be run by the Council. Kei believed that the Council was a failure and should be allowed to slowly deteriorate and destroy itself, while Kogame wanted to change the system from within and joined the government/military.

Durandal is a Tsururu family heirloom, but Kei has recently allowed it to be taken to Kogame.

Kei Tsururu

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