Professor Friedrich Moh



An egotistical arcane scientist around 55-60 years of age, who taught at Fleia University before he began working on secret research for Grimoire-Heart.

He was studying Fragorach when Manx, Sirello and Tisiphone found him and abruptly ended his life. His spirit attempted to flee, but Tisiphone managed to capture his spirit and trap it within one of the beads on her string totem.

From his ravings, the party has garnered that he may have discovered some way of transferring his spirit into other hosts, though there is little proof yet as he was, well, raving :P

When Friedrich was doing his doctorate in his late twenties, he betrayed one of his fellow students, possibly having stolen the other student’s research to pass off as his own.


Published Papers

Friedrich’s Alchemy Behind Imbuement

As you read Alchemy behind Imbuement, the gist you get is that Freidrich instead of imbueing items through normal means – ie: ritual components etc, instead chose to to do so via alchemical means – he attempted and succeeded in transfering properties for potions / elixers / poisons etc to variious items. This was somewhat groundbreaking as rituals themselves are limited in comparison to what alchemical goods can do so essentially this helped broaden the scope of enchanting.

Friedrich’s Transcending Transformation

In Transcending Transformation, Friedrich writes about normal transfiguration of items and then having them evolve / develop by themselves. This paper is all theoretical, as he talks about creating a magical catalyst that will essentially lead to transfigured items gaining some sense of ‘self’ and being able to adapt to their environment.

Friedrich’s Bounded Fields and their Boundaries

Bounded Fields and their Boundaries speaks of normal ritual fields and how they are usually limited by the pre-determined area that they have been cast upon. Friedrich experimenting with space rituals in order to move ‘more space’ into the previously set field of the ritual thus technically ‘increasing’ the boundary of a ritual field.

Friedrich’s Theory of Transmogrification

Theory of Transmogrification is a simple rehash of changing objects into other objects, except he plays around with characteristics of the transfigured objects – ie: if he transfigured a stone into a pig, he tried to create a pig with stone skin, or alternatively a stone that could be cut up into pork.

Friedrich’s Sentience of Magic

Sentience of Magic, is the last paper you read and it is also the lastest paper he wrote. The style of writing changes slightly as it seems to question more – it questions the limitations of what is recognised as the ‘Laws of Magic’ and he begins to explore the idea that magic is not a tool but is infact a sentient being. He draws upon spirits and their magical propertes and how they have an idea of ‘self’ and like living beings have their own psyche. Towards the end, he starts to touch on the idea of the manipulation of magical entities and their potential effects – supercharged rituals for example, driven by a sentient force to oversee it thus negating the need for constant maintenance.

Professor Friedrich Moh

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