Tracking Friedrich

Tisiphone & Alecto go to the University of Fleia to find information on Friedrich (tbc)

[1/05/2011 9:52:11 PM] Tisiphone: To the university!
[1/05/2011 9:52:37 PM] GM: ok!
[1/05/2011 9:52:39 PM] GM: (give me a sec brb)
[1/05/2011 9:58:59 PM] GM: BACK!
[1/05/2011 10:02:59 PM] GM: As you ask for directions to the University District, you notice that lots of what you assume to be students pouring out of the Univeristy gates and breaking off into smaller groups as they enter various cafes/ shops / restaurants. (it’s around lunch time)
[1/05/2011 10:04:57 PM] GM: You also hear some people shouting out to people passing by – in particular one young man who seems to be pushing flyers into the hands of everyone he accosts.
[1/05/2011 10:06:55 PM] Sirellow: Socialist!
[1/05/2011 10:06:57 PM] Sirellow: run away
[1/05/2011 10:07:00 PM] Sirellow: or bible society
[1/05/2011 10:07:02 PM] Sirellow: run away!
[1/05/2011 10:08:46 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone accepts one of the flyers with bemusement.
[1/05/2011 10:09:53 PM] Sirellow: Socialist Bible Society
[1/05/2011 10:09:57 PM] Sirellow: RUN AWAY
[1/05/2011 10:10:09 PM] GM: As you accept the flyer, the young man shouts into your face COME AND SEE MY PLAY, THE GREAT KIRCHE MONTMORENCY’S TRAGIC AND HEROIC UNREQUITED LOVE STORY!
[1/05/2011 10:11:16 PM] GM: He then rushes off to hand flyers to other people
[1/05/2011 10:11:21 PM] Tisiphone: lol
[1/05/2011 10:11:50 PM] Tisiphone: “Uhhh… right…” / Strange people around here… /
[1/05/2011 10:12:04 PM] GM: The flyer itself, has a picture of the same guy who just gave you your flyer, looking at a mirrror with love hearts floating around him.
[1/05/2011 10:12:14 PM] Tisiphone: hahhaha
[1/05/2011 10:12:27 PM] Tisiphone: She looks around for a bin.
[1/05/2011 10:13:18 PM] Tisiphone: (and a map)
[1/05/2011 10:13:28 PM] GM: Nearby you see a bin ….that is full of scrunched up flyers….it seems to be overflowing. You can hear some students mumbling *He’s at it again….
Does he ever give up?
[1/05/2011 10:14:37 PM] GM: Further in, right infront of the gate there seems to be a large billboard with a map of the entire University.
[1/05/2011 10:16:21 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone chucks the flyer into the bin along with the rest and walks up to the billboard to see what faculties there are around. And also looking for libraries.
[1/05/2011 10:19:10 PM] GM: As you skim the board, there seem to be alot of faculties, ranging from Faculty of High Arts, Faculty of Social Mannerisms, to Faculty of Magika, Faculty of Arcane Relics
[1/05/2011 10:19:40 PM] GM: the Library seems to be situated right in the middle of the entire campus – it seems to be one of the largest buildings if not the largest building on the map.
[1/05/2011 10:22:36 PM] Tisiphone: woop, off to the faculty of social mannerisms!
[1/05/2011 10:24:45 PM] GM: As you head in the direction of the Faculty of Social Mannerisms, you notice that there are more female students in this part of the campus, and that the dress code is impeccable. You get some scandalised looks from younger girls as they take in your somewhat shabby appearance.
[1/05/2011 10:25:09 PM] Tisiphone: hahahahaahaa
[1/05/2011 10:26:54 PM] GM: One young man approaches you – he’s wearing a silk shirt with black beads, white tights and black cavalry boots with a cloak draped over one shoulder Good day dear lady, you appear to be distressed and in need of my aid He takes a bow.
[1/05/2011 10:28:38 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone takes a step back. “Oh! Ummm… hi! Actually, I was looking for the Faculty of Magika.”
[1/05/2011 10:31:47 PM] GM: Aha! The Faculty of Magika! Allow me my delicate flower to escort you to the correct side of our highly esteemed University He offers you his arm to take, but quickly retracts it Introductions are in order first! How uncivilised for me for not doing so earlier, I am Duke Charles von Tropswich the Second, pleased to meet you and he bows again before extending his arm again for you to take And you my dear are…?
[1/05/2011 10:32:38 PM] Tisiphone: (lol insight 33 to see if his title’s actually real)
[1/05/2011 10:33:08 PM] GM: By now, you notice that some of the other female students who are watching / passing by giggle slightly
[1/05/2011 10:33:44 PM] GM: (you get the idea that he being completely serious)
[1/05/2011 10:37:01 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone’s beginning to regret her joking foray into the faculty of Social Mannerisms and starts to back away slowly. “Ummm, never mind, it’s okay, I’m sure I can find it myself…err, Duke…”
[1/05/2011 10:39:11 PM] GM: No I insist! I could not call myself a gentleman if I was to leave such a poor distressed maiden such as yourself alone and lost in this overwhelming large and intimidating Campus that is our great and famous University He steps towards you and takes you by the arm Come, I will give you a quick tour of our University and the history behind it
[1/05/2011 10:44:59 PM] Tisiphone: Alecto, hovering in the spirit plane, snickers. / “Poor, distressed maiden…” / / Oh, shut up. Maybe he’ll know something useful doubtfully /
[1/05/2011 10:45:00 PM] Tisiphone: “Uhh.. okay.. if it’s quick…?”
[1/05/2011 10:45:16 PM] Tisiphone: (haha going to watch Centurion)
[1/05/2011 10:45:29 PM] GM: (haha ok! we can rp more later! _)
[1/05/2011 10:45:33 PM] Tisiphone: hehehe
[12:18:14 AM] Tisiphone: hahaha hilarious movie
[12:18:32 AM] GM: really?
[12:18:36 AM] GM: OH WAIT
[12:18:38 AM] GM: the movie
[12:18:41 AM] GM: where they get wiped out
[12:18:44 AM] GM: and run around like idiots
[12:18:47 AM] GM: thaaat 1
[12:18:57 AM] Tisiphone: Starts with a guy pissing off a wall who then promptly gets stabbed in the groin.
[12:19:02 AM] Tisiphone: Hilarity ensues.
[12:19:06 AM] GM: kek
[12:20:49 AM] GM: yeah ive seen it rofl
[12:24:50 AM] Tisiphone: hehe
[12:32:50 AM] GM: dnd cyb! dnd!
[12:33:38 AM] Tisiphone: ur move! XD
[12:34:25 AM] GM: where were we up to!
[12:34:25 AM] GM: rofl
[12:34:28 AM] GM: let me read up
[12:34:41 AM] GM: RIGHT!
[12:37:58 AM] GM: Charles takes you an extremely haphazard tour of the campus, pointing out various buildings sometimes multiple times and how they came to be named before you both finally arrive at a small domed building with a small plate on the side of the entrance reading “Faculty of Magika and Arcane Relics”
[12:38:49 AM] GM: During your walk, Charles asks So my dear, what brings you on this fine day to our great and fantastic University of Fleia?
[12:53:12 AM] Tisiphone: (insight 28 to see how much of a buffoon this guy is :P)
[12:54:55 AM] GM: (you get the idea that he seems to know alot of -random -stuff, while you’ve been walking with him, he’s been reciting all the history of the buildings, and the architecture)
[12:58:50 AM] Tisiphone: Welp, honesty is best! “Actually, I’ve been doing some research on magical artefacts and came across some interesting…theories by a man named Freidrich whom I believe did a doctorate at this university. Was actually hoping to see if I could find more of his writings.”
[1:00:30 AM] Tisiphone: / Subtle. / Alecto rolls her eyes.
[1:00:37 AM] Tisiphone: / Shut up. /
[1:02:35 AM] GM: Well, lovely lady, you will indeed find what you are looking for in this Faculty he motions to the domed building. Almost all magical theory has come from our splendid University, all members of Oracon 6 graduated from here. The reception is this way He leads you inside to what you believe to be the reception.
[1:04:50 AM] GM: When you enter the building, you feel as if you have entered a ritual field. The entire 1st floor is devoid of furniture except for an egg shaped table with a lady sitting there with glowing runes floating on the surface of a small scrying pool.
[1:05:19 AM] Tisiphone: (Oracon 6?)
[1:06:57 AM] GM: (You’ve heard that Oracon 6 is a group of 6 ‘Magical Masters’ who help advise the Mayor on magical installations around the city – they help set up sending scroll ‘post offices’ etc)
[1:07:17 AM] Tisiphone: (haha awesome)
[1:07:34 AM] Tisiphone: (also, arcana 31 to figure out what the ritual field does)
[1:07:45 AM] GM: She looks up at the pair of you, looks you up and down and automatically dismisses you. She then looks at Charles Yes student?
[1:09:28 AM] GM: When Charles speaks, you immediately take note that his tone of voice has become alot less flamboyant and extravagant Ma’am, this lady here was asking for directions to the Faculty of Magika in hopes of following up on some research papers
[1:10:22 AM] GM: (you get a sense that the ritual field was aimed at strengthening the faculty building itself, and to contain any fluctuations that may occur)
[1:11:07 AM] GM: (btw did u give this guy ure name?)
[1:11:12 AM] Tisiphone: (haha nope)
[1:11:18 AM] GM: (kk lol)
[1:14:35 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone bobs somewhat awkwardly. “Umm, hello. I was wondering whether you’d know of a man named Friedrich. I came across some of his…research and believe he studied here?”
[1:17:18 AM] GM: The receptionist gives you another appraising look There are a few Friedrich’s that I know of that are currently alumni of this faculty, would you happen to know his surname, area of study or name of puplished papers?
[1:22:28 AM] Tisiphone: (Hmm, deviant blades are like legend, right? People don’t think they actually exist?)
[1:24:13 AM] GM: (no people know they exist, but dont believe they actually have magical properties – they think it’s all children stories – most people would have read / been taught enough history to know at least some of the stories of particular deviant blades)
[1:26:27 AM] Sirellow: is this something you’ve changed since the original world started dom?
[1:26:34 AM] Sirellow: regarding the knowledge about the power of the deviant blades?
[1:26:58 AM] Sirellow: i thought the seven generals / blades taking down the dictator with their power was pretty accepted
[1:28:36 AM] GM: (yes that is a known fact that the blades played some part, but that was basically 150 years ago, and since then when people have wielded the weapons none have really witnessed miracles as spectacular as told by tale – so as time went by, people thought that the power came more from the wielders themselves – magical by nature – than the actual blades which now are seen more as symbols)
[1:29:20 AM] GM: (and by most people i mean people who have zero magical training etc, so dont really know much if anything at all about enchanting etc)
[1:32:27 AM] Sirellow: if you were a student at uni
[1:32:32 AM] Sirellow: and you said to your educated class mates
[1:32:41 AM] Sirellow: “i want to study the magic of the deviant blades”
[1:32:51 AM] Sirellow: (ignoring practical considerations of obtaining one)
[1:32:56 AM] Sirellow: would you be laughed at?
[1:33:46 AM] GM: (most likely, yes, you can practially kiss your career goodbye – unless you’re extremely talented – because any research you would do would be unfounded theory)
[1:34:39 AM] Tisiphone: (hmmmmm)
[1:36:23 AM] GM: (i can elaborate on that later for u too andrew lol – for sirello)
[1:36:31 AM] Sirellow: k
[1:40:15 AM] GM: The receptionist drums her nails on the side of her scrying pool, looks up at Charles and dismisses him Student, thank you for brining the young lady here, you’re now dismissed – I can deal with matters pertaining to our Faculty
[1:40:56 AM] Tisiphone: (d’oh what to say lol)
[1:40:58 AM] GM: Charles nods Yes Ma’am, turning to you he gives you a curt nod and bids you good day.
[1:45:05 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone waves nervously goodbye. "The treatise was about um… transformative arcana. Uhh, I don’t know the last name, unfortunately. There was a lot of “I AM FRIEDRICH” written in large letters in the margin. Seemed quite a uhh character."
[1:45:29 AM] Tisiphone: Alecto’s facepalm on the spritual plane can be heard for many spiritual miles.
[1:45:33 AM] GM: (hahahahahahahaaha)
[1:45:37 AM] GM: (AHAhahahahahahaha)
[1:46:12 AM] Tisiphone: (…yeah…)
[1:48:47 AM] GM: The receptionist quirks an eyebrow at this description. The side of her mouth twitches as well. Clearing her throat, she says I actually believe I know which Friedrich you refer to – Professor Friedrich Mohs, I’ll have you verify for me that I am correct
[1:49:25 AM] Tisiphone: inward sigh of relief “That’s the one!”
[1:51:09 AM] GM: Her fingers skim over the surface of the water in the scrying pool and it lights up from within. The secretary then says Arhive, a thin wall of water rises from the bowl with runes flickering up and down the watery screen. Archive, Identify, Alumni, PRofessor Mohs, Friedrich
[1:52:47 AM] Sirellow: Alecto’s facepalm on the spritual plane can be heard for many spiritual miles.
[1:52:48 AM] Sirellow: ahahahaha
[1:52:52 AM] GM: small runes rise from the bowl upto the screen of water and a picture of Friedrich appears at the top. Underneath are what you assume to be papers that he had published in the past Is this the Professor whom you’ve read Miss?
[1:52:53 AM] Sirellow: i loled at that
[1:52:58 AM] Tisiphone: XD
[1:53:01 AM] Sirellow: also
[1:53:13 AM] Sirellow: sirello has begun recreation
[1:53:14 AM] Sirellow: dreamwalker psion
[1:53:17 AM] Sirellow: :D
[1:53:22 AM] Tisiphone: hahaha awesome :D
[1:55:04 AM] Tisiphone: Recognising the face, Tisiphone also skims the topmost paper before she nods. “Yes, that’s him!”
[1:56:29 AM] Tisiphone: (ooh, dreamwalker looks interesting)
[1:56:46 AM] GM: Well then, I’m afraid to say that Professor Friedrich is no longer situated within the University. He has not been a lecturer for several years now. However, if you wished to speak to his colleagues or access his publications then I will be able to help you
[1:56:46 AM] Tisiphone: (kinda shamany XD)
[1:57:27 AM] GM: Miss, if you don’t mind me asking, which institude did you study at? I don’t recognise you as a student or an apprentice here
[2:00:44 AM] Tisiphone: (Is there a university at that town where Tisiphone came from, that has a name I can’t remember? ;P)
[2:01:18 AM] Tisiphone: (actually, fuckit)
[2:01:37 AM] GM: (Yhs Academy of Arcane Arts)
[2:01:40 AM] GM: (loll)
[2:02:29 AM] Tisiphone: “I’m…studying with Master Sirello… you probably haven’t heard of him, he is a bit…recluse.” Tisiphone looks somewhat embarrassed.
[2:04:13 AM] Tisiphone: / …so… close… just…let me see the godsdamned papers!! /
[2:04:18 AM] GM: Master Sirello you say…you wouldn’t happen to know his surname would you? I believe I may know him
[2:04:30 AM] Tisiphone: / crap. /
[2:05:02 AM] GM: (ROFL u realise Sirello graduated from this university right? and only left like 2 years ago)
[2:05:12 AM] Tisiphone: (yeah, she didn’t know that hahhaahaa)
[2:05:40 AM] Tisiphone: (does she even know Sirello’s last name?)
[2:05:42 AM] Tisiphone: (Drew?)
[2:05:54 AM] Tisiphone: (lol)
[2:06:00 AM] Sirellow: heh
[2:06:00 AM] Tisiphone: (otherwise, she’s just gonna make something up :P)
[2:06:05 AM] Sirellow: it’s doubtful
[2:06:14 AM] Sirellow: i don’t think even manx knows
[2:06:21 AM] Tisiphone: “Sirello Manxorian.”
[2:06:27 AM] Tisiphone: / … /
[2:06:45 AM] GM: Sirello Sirello….calling himself a Master now..of all things, he always was a bit of a pretentious fop. She looks you up and down again I wouldn’t have expected him to apprentice someone like you…you don’t really seem like his type
[2:07:36 AM] GM: She laughs Manxorian…what a queer name to be using now, he really has fallen upon desperate times it seems
[2:08:24 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone’s startled blink isn’t totally feigned.
[2:09:14 AM] Tisiphone: “I… don’t know anything about what…err… type he’d… apprentice…”
[2:10:12 AM] Tisiphone: / Soooo should’ve gotten Sirello to do this. /
[2:10:16 AM] Tisiphone: / Yes. Yes, you should’ve. /
[2:10:21 AM] Tisiphone: / Shut up. /
[2:11:00 AM] GM: You poor thing, you must come from one of the smaller villages….anyway, did you wish to view Professor Friedrich’s papers? or would you prefer an associate of him run you through the theories
[2:11:42 AM] Tisiphone: “Oh, just the papers would be fine, thank you.” She looks totally flustered now :P
[2:12:42 AM] GM: Very well then, you will be given access to the Visitors Library on level 2 – give me your hand please
[2:14:11 AM] Tisiphone: “Thank you, ma’am!” As she gives the receptionist her hand, she asks, “Actually… does he have many associates I could talk to if I require more information after studying his papers?”
[2:18:01 AM] GM: using her fingers, she touches the surface of the water in her scrying bowl and pulls from it a thin sheet of ice. She then presses the small round icy disc into your palm. When she does this you see a runeflash through the ice and you can feel it press into your palm. the Visitors Pass is keyed to your magical signature so only you can use it. As I said, you only have access to the Visitors Library on level 2 and the pass will last for the rest of the day. Should you require the expertise of a Professor you may use the Archive Bowl in the Visitors Library to book a consultation time.
[2:21:31 AM] Tisiphone: “Thank you again! Err, how would I get to the Visitors’ library?”
[2:22:08 AM] GM: She motions to her right, call the Tenser’s Floating Disc and it will take you to level 2
[2:23:15 AM] GM: When you look to your left, you do indeed see an area marked out by ritual runes inscribed into the floor that you recognise to be the floating disc.
[2:23:40 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone skdaddles to the library!
[2:25:26 AM] Tisiphone: XD
[2:26:52 AM] GM: In the library, there are a few other people present, all reading books of somesort. You realise that everything has been shelved alphabetically, according to the publisher.
[2:27:23 AM] GM: Making it relatively easy to find the section that holds Friedrich’s published papers
[2:31:45 AM] GM: the first few papers you spot are:
[2:31:52 AM] GM: Friedrich’s Transcending Transformation
Friedrich’s The Alchemy behind Imbuement
Friedrich’s Bounded Fields and their Boundaries
Friedrich’s Theory of Transmogrification
Friedrich’s Sentience of Magic
[2:33:31 AM] Tisiphone: (is there any way to copy these for later reading?)
[2:35:43 AM] Tisiphone: (also, we should totally sleep soon ;))
[2:36:26 AM] GM: (weaaakkk rofl….ummm unless you have time to start writing, you’re not sure how you could copy them)
[2:39:26 AM] Tisiphone: (haha, how long are these papers?)
[2:40:38 AM] GM: (they all average around 15 pages)
[2:41:15 AM] Tisiphone: Weeell, she’ll just start reading. Probably Alchemy behind Imbuement first, and then Transcending Transformation.
[2:41:49 AM] Tisiphone: I imagine she can get Kogame to requisition some copies hehe
[2:46:20 AM] GM: As you read Alchemy behind Imbuement, the gist you get is that Freidrich instead of imbueing items through normal means – ie: ritual components etc, instead chose to to do so via alchemical means – he attempted and succeeded in transfering properties for potions / elixers / poisons etc to variious items. This was somewhat groundbreaking as rituals themselves are limited in comparison to what alchemical goods can do so essentially this helped broaden the scope of enchanting.
[2:46:53 AM] Tisiphone: Are you just making all this stuff up on the spot? :|
[2:46:59 AM] GM: lol yeah
[2:47:07 AM] Tisiphone: You’re amazing lol
[2:47:09 AM] Tisiphone: :|
[2:49:08 AM] GM: In Transcending Transformation, Friedrich writes about normal transfiguration of items and then having them evolve / develop by themselves. This paper is all theoretical, as he talks about creating a magical catalyst that will essentially lead to transfigured items gaining some sense of ‘self’ and being able to adapt to their environment.
[2:50:24 AM] Tisiphone: XD
[2:50:55 AM] Tisiphone: And then she reads all the others!
[2:52:23 AM] Tisiphone: She’s actually starting to feel respect for his talent :P Despite his assholishness ;P
[2:53:04 AM] GM: Bounded Fields and their Boundaries speaks of normal ritual fields and how they are usually limited by the pre-determined area that they have been cast upon. Friedrich experimenting with space rituals in order to move ‘more space’ into the previously set field of the ritual thus technically ‘increasing’ the boundary of a ritual field.
[2:54:41 AM] GM: Theory of Transmogrification is a simple rehash of changing objects into other objects, except he plays around with characteristics of the transfigured objects – ie: if he transfigured a stone into a pig, he tried to create a pig with stone skin, or alternatively a stone that could be cut up into pork.
[2:55:09 AM] Tisiphone: lol
[2:58:33 AM] GM: Sentience of Magic, is the last paper you read and it is also the lastest paper he wrote. The style of writing changes slightly as it seems to question more – it questions the limitations of what is recognised as the ‘Laws of Magic’ and he begins to explore the idea that magic is not a tool but is infact a sentient being. He draws upon spirits and their magical propertes and how they have an idea of ‘self’ and like living beings have their own psyche. Towards the end, he starts to touch on the idea of the manipulation of magical entities and their potential effects – supercharged rituals for example, driven by a sentient force to oversee it thus negating the need for constant maintenance.



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