Reporting In

After confronting Felix with Sirello & Manx, Tisiphone and Alecto report in to Kogame.

As Tisiphone, with Alecto, report the morning’s events to Kogame, Kogame listens with a somewhat indulgent smile, nodding every so often.

Tisiphone eyes that indulgent smile warily. “…you knew this would happen, didn’t you?”

“Honestly? When Sirello told me who his ‘target’ was, I did not expect Felix to show up. You should be flattered though he indulged you so, in the past Felix has out right snubbed some of my own overtures in setting up a meeting with him.”

The girl hrmphs in somewhat disgruntled agreement. “In all honesty, I almost wish he had snubbed us.” She frowns. “Did you know of his changeling doubles?”

“Tell me, Tisiphone, what are your impressions of Felix?”

“Umm…” Terrifying? “…formidable? Outwardly, he acts like a fop, but almost everyone we met in the basement seemed terrified of him.”

“I once met Felix before I took my current position within the Military.” Kogame seems to have a far off look in her eyes. "At that point in time I did not know him as Felix. He was an exceptional young man. Ambitious and uncomprimising, the qualities one would expect of a person being groomed for the position of the Head of Grimoire Heart. However, a few years ago, Zelef announced who his successor would be – his brother’s son Al’cruied – a man that essentially, no one knew and to this day do not see nor hear from often. On that day it is said that Felix staged a coup and failed but for whatever reason was not executed or exiled.

“I’m not sure what I’m trying to convey to you Tisiphone, except that Felix is a very dangerous man in his own right and should not be trifled with – I would speculate that it the vast amount of connections he has within Grimoire Heart that stayed Zelef’s hand on that day.”

Tisiphone says, “I have no intention of trifling with him whatsoever now and in the future, but unfortunately I can’t undo the trifling that has already happened.”

She exchanges a glance with her sister.

“You… know what we are, yes?” It’s not really phrased as a question.

Kogame points to her mismatched eyes, “I can see what you are..yes.” (slight emphasis on see) “Unlike others in our current society, I do not see you as an abnormality of nature – infact I would argue that your being is more in tune with nature than we could ever be.”

Tisiphone and Alecto both tilt their heads slightly to the side.

/Can’t believe that one slipped you by, Ali… must be losing it…/
/Bah! You didn’t see it either./

“We… are glad you see it that way.”

Leaning forward slightly, Kogame asks, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you able to sense the powers, the spirit, the essence, however you wish to call it, that is within the Deviant Blades.” She indicates to Fragarach which is sitting between them on the coffee table.

The twins nod. “We can. They are…” they shudder, “a violation of the natural order. As I am sure you have guessed, Grimoire Heart tried to do the same to Alecto.” Alecto bares her teeth in a silent snarl.

“You have my condolences, I too know what it feels like to be caged and seen as an anomaly. However your ability to sense the Deviant Blades for what they truely are is something of a rarity that would be impossible to overlook.

“And it is this reason that I would very much like to bring you under my own employment. I can assure you that I am both a very generous and understanding benefactor unlike many others out there who would try to mainpulate you unfairly or blackmail you into servitude.”

/…well, it’s what we’re kind of looking for, right…?/

“What would be the terms of the contract?”

“Before I answer that, I would ask of you if you and Alecto had any stipulations of your own.”

Tisiphone hesitates, before replying, "We would require full access to the Deviant Blades in your possession so that we may study them, find a way to undo their power and release the spirits that are trapped within them.

“We also would like to know your stance on Grimoire Heart. Officially and personally.”

Kogame chuckles. “Full access to the Deviant Blades in my possession, alas the only 2 blades that I have are the ones you have brought before me: Fragarach and Gae Bolg – and I guess that due to you playing a part in retrieving them it would only be fair you be allowed to study them. However, I must ask that you not take them out of my ‘storage’ area or use them unnecessarily.”

Tisiphone nods. “Of course.”

“As for my stance on Grimoire Heart, would it suffice to say that my dealings with them are all official and are part of my job – if it were up to me, I would rather not have work relating to the Military contracted out to Private Company with such a dubious nature.”

“And what is the official stance on Grimoire Heart?”

“They are an extremely useful Company that will improve movements of goods and services between coastal cities.”

The sisters’ mouths quirk wryly. “Ah.”

“If you don’t mind, I have a few questions of my own. What are the limitations of you ‘sensing’ the Deviant Blades? and are you able to detect more than just spirits?”

The sisters converse silently for a moment before Tisiphone speaks, “It would depend on the item, and the nature of what is in the item. With Gae Bolg and ”/campaigns/fleia/items/fragorach" class=“wiki-content-link”>Fragorach, we could feel it immediately once we were close, but others may be more subtle and difficult to detect."

Kogome’s brows are furrowed as she thinks over what you have told her. Finally, "It seems to be that you are indeed very intune with the Spiritual Plane. I’ve read statements from other Shamans in the past who could only give vague descriptions or general vibes from ‘enhanced’ artifacts.

“I believe that while it will be challenging working with me, you will find it enjoyable and rewarding.”

She offers the twins her hand.

Another pause before Tisiphone and Alecto extend their hands to touch Kogame’s. “One more thing. I will not allow harm to befall Sirello and Manx if I can help it.” (Alecto’s lip curls somewhat derisively at this)

Kogame replies, “Of course, I too would prefer it if they avoided putting themselves in unnecessary danger. After all, it would not reflect well on me as an employer if anything were to happen to them.” Kogame titters slightly at her own humour.

As their fingers touch, Tisiphone feels a tingling kind of jolt go up her arm then down her spine, and she feels somewhat more invigorated. Kogame’s handshake also seems extremely fragile. As they meet eyes, it seems as though time stops for a moment, and Tisiphone’s vision blurs slightly, seeming to see Kogame’s mismatched eyes swapped around. Then everything reverts to normal.

Tisiphone feels that there is an aura that seems to emanate from within Kogame but seems to be reigned in but it feels warm and comforting – like healing.

[OOC: mechanically, she gains a healing surge that will remain until it’s expended and will not disappear on an extended rest]

Tisiphone sits back. “Hmmm… while I’m here… what would you know of a mage named ”/campaigns/fleia/characters/friedrich" class=“wiki-content-link”>Professor Friedrich Moh?"

Kogame looks at you questioningly “Friedrich?”

“He was studying Fragorach before we err, liberated it. I believe he was the head of whatever research they were conducting in the west wing of the Grimoire Heart complex.”

Kogame purses her lip, “Off the top of my head, I do not know this Freidrich that you encountered.”

“He seemed to imply that he had discovered some way of… possessing other bodies?”

Kogame nods. “I will most definitely look into it myself.”

“Hmmm. If it helps, I believe received his doctorate at a university that looked something like…” She describes what she saw in that brief flash of memory from Friedrich.

Kogame looks extremely alarmed by this, "Possessing other bodies? Did he elaborate on this? How did it happen that he presented this knowledge to you?

“That hall…It sounds to me he graduated from Fleia University…

“Indeed though, that it would make sense that Grimoire Heart is recruting from Fleia University, after all, some of the greatest minds have been nurtured there.”

“I don’t know any specifics… he may have been raving. As to how we found out…” Tisiphone hesitates.

/ Do you plan to tell her all of our secrets, sister? / Alecto hisses in her mind. / You trust too easily, and I pay the price! We have given her enough already. /

Kogame says, “Well you have given me some very interesting information, I will inform you should I find anything regarding this Friedrich.”

Tisiphone nods with some relief. “I believe he had a friend at the university… whose research he stole and used as his own.” She describes the young man. “He would be about…” <insert> " years of age now?"
[1/05/2011 8:32:26 PM] Kogame: (if you had to hazard a guess, he was around 27 in the memory)
[1/05/2011 8:32:40 PM] Tisiphone: (hehe coolies)

“I see. Thank you again, Tisipohne, I can already tell I will enjoy working with you, perhaps in the future you will come to trust me enough to involve me in your conversations with Alecto.”

Tisiphone smiles faintly. “I hope so. There is now a favour I must ask of you. As you know, I have revealed myself to Felix’s changeling, who almost certainly relayed information back to his master. I don’t know what Felix’s intentions are yet, and I don’t want to find out the hard way. I’d be grateful for any assistance that would help me elude him for a while longer.”

The girl suddenly grins. “Or, you know.. forever. But that would be wishful thinking.”

“Fear not Tisiphone, Grimoire Heart most likely knows that you are under my employment, that knowledge by itself should would make them hesitate openly acting against you. However, if you wish for something more visible,” She reaches behind her neck and unclasps a necklace “If you choose to wear this visibly, Grimoire Heart will know you are a personal ….agent of mine and will not dare to confront you directly”

The neckalce itself, seems to looke like vines holding together small branches of sakure flowers – like the sakura trees that line the entrance to Kogame’s House. The chain itself is made of interlocked bits of metal that look do a very good job of imitating the colour/texture of tree branches, with pink jewels set in the sockets where petals should be. (http://www.etsy.com/listing/60456595/handtwisted-cherry-blossom-tree-necklac)

Tisiphone turns the necklace over in her hands. (arcana check 27 to notice anything magicky XD) The necklace is warm to touch (given that she was wearing it) but as she holds it, it doesn’t seem to loose its warmth. It seems to give off a very weak feel of what happened when you shook Kogame’s hand.

“However I must warn you, with that necklace you may garner some unwanted attention from others who wish to pry into my business – but they will do no more than badger you for information about me.”

Tisiphone ponders it for a while and then shakes her head, returning the necklace. “Thank you, Kogame, I’ll trust in your influence and Felix’s intelligence.”

Kogame takes the necklace back, “Very well then – did you have any other worries that you feel should be addressed now?”

“I think that’s all for now.”

“When where you planning on visiting my good friend Kei and persuading her relinquish Durandal? I believe the Shrine is usually quiet at this time of year.” She seems to speak Kei’s name quite fondly.

Tisiphone hmms. “We can head out whenever Sirello and Manx are ready. Is there anything about Kei Tsururu that we should know? What are the limits on, err, persuasion?”

“I don’t believe you would find it within yourself to raise arms against Kei, she more than anyone else would understand what I am trying to achieve and will eventually surccumb to what is reasonable. However, should she remain stubborn and immature, I will not denounce the use of force. this is the path that I have chosen and I will walk it unflinchingly.”

Tisiphone nods and gets to her feet, Alecto following silently. “We shall see you when we return.”

Kogame nods and rises as well. “I wish you luck and a safe return then.”



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