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Weapons Inspection
Kogame asks Tisiphone and Alecto to inspect some confiscated weaponry

[7/4/2011 10:40:13 PM] DM: But first, Kogame would ask you to accompany her on some inspections of goods that have been seized from black market weapons trading.
[7/4/2011 10:40:36 PM] Tisiphone: cool ;)
[7/4/2011 10:41:00 PM] DM: (She’d also like to …. tinker with you…roflmfao)
[7/4/2011 10:41:04 PM] Tisiphone: “…”
[7/4/2011 10:41:10 PM] DM: (hahaha jks jks )
[7/4/2011 10:41:21 PM] Tisiphone: really ;)
[7/4/2011 10:41:22 PM] Tisiphone: XD
[7/4/2011 10:41:46 PM] Tisiphone: “What do you think you’ll find with the weapons, Kogame?”
[7/4/2011 10:47:48 PM] DM: Giving you an indulgent look, “I have a feeling there will be many….attempts to emulate the deviant blades”
[7/4/2011 10:49:12 PM] Tisiphone: "Hmmm. Were these also taken from Grimoire Heart?
[7/4/2011 10:54:23 PM] DM: “No. That is the most disturbing part of our seizures. A good portion of the goods came from inidividual ‘collectors’ who had been looked up and convinced to sell their goods”
[7/4/2011 10:57:50 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone frowns, exchanging glances with Alecto. “Do you think they have been recently created…? …Actually, I guess we should just go take a look.”
[7/4/2011 10:58:29 PM] DM: “As far as our weapon smiths can discern, some of these are quite old, some are more recent creations”
[7/4/2011 10:59:25 PM] Tisiphone: The twins nod soberly.
[7/4/2011 11:01:00 PM] DM: “It is also concerning that now of all times, that people are being coaxed into selling these Deviant Blade replicas”
[7/4/2011 11:02:43 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone tilts her head. “You think someone is collecting them now en masse?”
[7/4/2011 11:04:11 PM] DM: “Potentially yes. For use or study I have no idea, but it is too much of a coincedence for it to happen now.”
[7/4/2011 11:07:45 PM] Tisiphone: “When we were in the Grimoire Heart headquarters, we noticed there seemed to be a pretty busy market down there…”
[7/4/2011 11:10:45 PM] DM: “That doesn’t surprise me. but knowing Grimoire Heart, they wouldn’t sell their precious research on the black market”
[7/4/2011 11:13:00 PM] Tisiphone: “Perhaps they were buying…? Or… did the people you take the blades from know they were replicas?”
[7/4/2011 11:13:26 PM] DM: “I’m sure there would have been alot of people convinced of their own blades authenticity”
[7/4/2011 11:20:51 PM] Tisiphone: “Well, we’ll gladly take a look at these weapons…” Tisiphone frowns. “Perhaps one of them will be real… though… those who pursuaded the collectors to sell would have had to pay a fortune surely to get one to part with a supposed deviant blade.”
[7/4/2011 11:21:09 PM] Tisiphone: “…or persuaded them by other means, I suppose.”
[7/4/2011 11:21:53 PM] DM: Kogame shurgs, “Either way, the assortment of weapons and whatnot are all sitting in a cargo ship under our care.”
[7/4/2011 11:23:01 PM] Tisiphone: The twins nod. “Is it far?”
[7/4/2011 11:23:36 PM] DM: “Not too far at all.”
[7/4/2011 11:24:42 PM] Tisiphone: “Shall we go then?”
[7/4/2011 11:24:48 PM] Tisiphone: XD
[7/4/2011 11:25:55 PM] DM: Kogame gives you a winning smile, “Of course, I was hoping you’d have the time to accompany me now in fact.” She ushers you towards her own personal carriage.
[7/4/2011 11:27:58 PM] Tisiphone: “Of course.” Tisiphone peeks curiously at the carriage as they get in.
[7/4/2011 11:30:27 PM] DM: As the three of you travel along and you peek out every now and then, you head towards what seems to be the Military Docks where you pass through several check points as guards salute the carriage.
[7/4/2011 11:31:48 PM] Tisiphone: (Is the carriage shiny? XD)
[7/4/2011 11:32:26 PM] DM: (Not thaaat shiny)
[7/4/2011 11:32:30 PM] Tisiphone: (hahaha)
[7/4/2011 11:32:44 PM] Tisiphone: (I guess she’s not a corrupt public servant lol)
[7/4/2011 11:35:04 PM] DM: (If you did streetwise checks and asked around in Official places, people may not like Kogame, but they respect her for her professionalism)
[7/4/2011 11:35:26 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone and Alecto peer out the window, watching all the security with interest. “Do you think those you confiscated the items from will try to get them back?”
[7/4/2011 11:35:34 PM] Tisiphone: (haha why don’t they like her?)
[7/4/2011 11:39:01 PM] DM: (It would seem too many find her too stuffy / beurocratic / arragant even)
[7/4/2011 11:39:10 PM] DM: “I highly doubt it”
[7/4/2011 11:40:10 PM] Tisiphone: “How did you find them in the first place?”
[7/4/2011 11:41:02 PM] DM: Our operatives in the Black Market came across these weapon deals and let us know so we ordered a retrieval mission to be carried out. The rest is history."
[7/4/2011 11:43:14 PM] Tisiphone: Alecto: / I suppose you’ve questioned the… merchants… already. /
[7/4/2011 11:43:58 PM] DM: (Is she speaking into Kogame’s mind?)
[7/4/2011 11:45:18 PM] Tisiphone: yeah
[7/4/2011 11:45:19 PM] Tisiphone: :)
[7/4/2011 11:46:01 PM] DM: / Some were detained for questioning, yes. /
[7/4/2011 11:47:33 PM] Tisiphone: / Did they know anything interesting? /
[7/4/2011 11:48:52 PM] DM: / The only thing worth noting was that they had already made several transactions recently /
[7/4/2011 11:49:12 PM] Tisiphone: / To who? /
[7/4/2011 11:51:21 PM] DM: / Some where actually to authorised Government Agents that I had not been previously aware of who were carrying out similar operations to what I am doing. Some were, as you correctly guessed, were being bought by Grimmoire Heart, but most surprising of all, was that a good portion of goods were being bought by dead people, and by dead people I mean orders were being made by inidividuals who were previously known / thought to be dead. /
[7/4/2011 11:55:04 PM] Tisiphone: / How recently dead? /
[7/4/2011 11:55:58 PM] DM: / Some where supposedly dead for 3-10 years /
[7/4/2011 11:56:30 PM] DM: (I can’t exactly remember, but did you ask Kogame before if she knew Professor Friedrich?)
[7/4/2011 11:56:59 PM] Tisiphone: (yeah)
[7/4/2011 11:58:16 PM] DM: / One name that might be of particular note to you would be one Professor Friedrich Mohs – he was assumed dead several years ago when he left the academic circles to become a recluse. His last known place of recidence was subject to an unfortunate house fire and it was assumed that had passed away /
[12:00:03 AM] Tisiphone: Alecto raises her eyebrows as Tisiphone shoots a quick glance towards her wrist. / …Interesting… /
[12:00:49 AM] Tisiphone: / How about the others? /
[12:02:00 AM] DM: / Most of the other names ended up being aliases or Organisation Fronts /
[12:02:48 AM] DM: / Friedrich Mohs is the only name that meant anything to me due to your mentioning of him before /
[12:05:20 AM] Tisiphone: / Just seems odd that suddenly there are a whole lot of people using the names of dead people to buy deviant blades. Surely they must all be linked somehow. /
[12:06:37 AM] DM: / Most likely, but as to who is behind it all, we do not currently know /
[12:07:45 AM] Tisiphone: / Also… why would Grimoire Heart AND Friedrich be purchasing deviant blades separately when Friedrich was working for Grimoire Heart? /
[12:08:27 AM] Tisiphone: (also… http://www.imdb.com/list/d021y77Jogk/ lol)
[12:14:10 AM] DM: Kogame shrugs / Perhaps this Friedrich wanted to do his own side research /
[12:15:55 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone fingers a bead on her wrist. / Perhaps… that would probably mean he had a lab somewhere else. /
[12:17:17 AM] Tisiphone: (sorry, am I grilling kogame too hard? XD)
[12:17:27 AM] DM: (no rofl)
[12:17:34 AM] Tisiphone: (hahahaha)
[12:18:24 AM] DM: / Maybe / Kogame gives you a piercing stare / Perhaps if you were to fill me in with whatever extra tid bits of information you’re aware of I could give you more concise answers /
[12:24:48 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone holds Kogame’s gaze, though a slight, uneasy flush infuses her cheeks. / We have told you everything we know of his life. / (assuming Tisiphone told her about those papers of his she found at the university) / And should we discover anything more, we will tell you. He is of great interest to us. /
[12:25:11 AM] DM: (YOu havent told Kogame about trapping his soul right?)
[12:25:16 AM] Tisiphone: (hahaha)
[12:25:41 AM] Tisiphone: (yeah… well, she trapped it spontaneously and she’s got vague ethical concerns over it now lol)
[12:26:10 AM] Tisiphone: (don’t think she’s even told sirello :P)
[12:26:17 AM] DM: (Give us a bluff check !!!! )
[12:26:21 AM] Tisiphone: lol
[12:27:01 AM] Tisiphone: (Well, she’s not lying lol. But yeah, she is evading, I guess… hahahaahahaha rolled a 2. total 9)
[12:27:03 AM] Tisiphone: (LOL)
[12:27:14 AM] Tisiphone: (FAIL IPLAY4e)
[12:28:05 AM] DM: 9
[12:28:07 AM] DM: are you serious?
[12:34:47 AM] Tisiphone: (I rolled a 2 :P)
[12:35:13 AM] DM: Leaning closer to you, Kogame distractedly brushes some flower pollen that has managed to entangle itself in your hair fringe. She murmurs to you “I had hoped that we could build a healthy relationship based on mutual trust Tisiphone, it would hurt me so to find out that you were actively trying to hide information from me after all, I have been very open and honest with you”
[12:38:12 AM] Tisiphone: ( :P )
[12:48:52 AM] DM: lol :P
[12:50:07 AM] Tisiphone: Alecto places an arm protectively in front of her sister, teeth bared as Tisiphone shies away from Kogame’s hand. Alecto’s mindvoice is cold / What we discover of Friedrich’s past and his research, we have and shall share with you. Suffice to say that we have a source on Friedrich that may be more productive as we know better what questions to ask. But as we do not ask you to reveal all of your methods and secrets, neither should you expect us to reveal all of ours. /
[12:51:24 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone adds more gently, / We do not try to deceive you, Kogame, but… it is a difficult matter. /
[1:00:39 AM] DM: Kogame absentmindedly glances out the window as she leans back then after several seconds looks intently at the both of you. “I didn’t mean to offend, it’s just that these days it is painfully hard to be able to trust those you work with and due to my increased work load recently it has put a strain on my own resources, I hope you can forgive me for my rudeness.”
[1:07:05 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone nods. “We understand. And I am sorry also. We wish to discover the truth behind what is happening as much as you do.”

The party retrieve Durandal from Kei Tsururu

The path up the hillside is paved with narrow, rough stone steps, grass and weeds encroaching into the cracks. Eventually, Tisiphone, Alecto and Sirello come to a white torii gate with a few big dents and creepers growing up the columns. The stairs leading up from the gate are better maintained and in the distance, a shrine can be seen perched on the cliff top.

As the trio pass through the gate, they see shrine maidens wearing white, brown and dark green robes, sweeping and scrubbing the stairs and tending to the vines and flowers. They all have a black rapier on their left hips. Alecto feels a very mild spiritual presence emanating from each of the swords.

As the sisters look curiously at the rapiers, Sirello asks one of the maidens whether Kei is around. Somewhat skittish, she takes a few steps back, her left hand awkwardly grasping the hilt of her rapier before. She quickly motions with her right hand up the stairs before scampering off to the side.

“She seemed … a little terrified,” observes Sirello. “Shall we continue?”

The other attendants give the visitors a wide berth as they continue up to the Shrine—some going as far as trying to hide behind trees to the side of path.

Tisiphone looks at the fleeing attendants somewhat warily. / Sirello, what did Kogame say Durandal looked like again? /

/ She didn’t. /

/ Heh. /

Meanwhile, one of the attendants, Ellentore, runs up to Hazul. “Master Hazul, strangers approach the Shrine – they tried to intimidate Shrom!”

“Those who show no respect to the attendants show no respect to me…” Hazul says brusquely. “I will deal with this, Ellentore.” The warden gives his maul to the girl. “I will call if I need my hammer.”

Ellentore bobs her head and drags the maul behind her as she follows at a respectful distance.

As Tisiphone and Sirello reach the top of the stairs, they meet with the dwarf.

Hazul scans the strangers. “Hail, pilgrims. What business have you here?”

Tisiphone’s pondering at the spiritual presence that seems to be permeating through the entire complex is interrupted by the sight of Hazul. She halts in surprise. She and her twin have grown, and perhaps changed quite a lot since Hazul last saw them, but they recognise him easily. “…Hazul…?”

Alecto merely stares at the dwarf with cool eyes.

“Uhm..” Hazul is caught off guard and senses his guardian status receding. “Yes ahem that is my name. Friend of the keeper of this Shrine.”

Sirello pauses. “… You know him?” He walks up to Hazul, “a friend of Tsi’ is a friend of mine! I’m Sirello, pleased to make your acquantence!”

“Greetings, Sirello. Er.” Hazul feels he isn’t being taken seriously here. “I say, how do you know me, and what is your business in this place?”

Tisiphone smiles, somewhat uncertainly now. “We met a while ago…” she mutters to Sirello before turning back to the dwarf. “Don’t you remember? Tiz and Alecto…”

Sirello says, “We’re here to see Kei, if she will see us.”

Realisation dawns on Hazul.

Alecto rolls her eyes.

“Oh you little rascals! That was quite some time ago. It is good to see you both in good health! Kei is about the place. The attendants can see that she is made aware of your visit.”

Tisiphone’s smile widens into a rare grin. “It’s good to see you too.”

Sirello: “Is there somewhere we should wait?”

Hazul replies, attempting to be gruff, “The entrance hall or the balcony of the shrine will do. Or you can make yourselves useful while you wait and do some weeding with the attendants. Ellentore, if you will.”

Ellentore heads of towards one of the Shrine buildings to the side still dragging the warden’s hammer along – she almost trips a few times but she continues on.

Hazul tries to coax the other attendants back to their duties and they slowly go back to their work seeing that he seems to have taken charge of the situation.

Tisiphone stands vaguely awkwardly to one side, not quite getting the joke. / …Weeding…? /

Sirello eyes the waify attendant struggling with the maul, and gives Hazul a disdainful look.

Not to soon, Ellentore – minus a hammer – comes running back. Out of breath she conveys between puffs, “…Kei…see you…..private dining…room…” then dashes off to another building block (which Hazul knows to be where the private dining rooms are)

“I can’t help but notice my hammer is missing” he says after the retreating Ellentore who is too far away to hear. He shrugs and says he’ll be back.

Ellentore whips around with a blush on her face, “Ehehe… Kei took it from me….ehehe…” She then mumbles something about not being trusted to not hurt herself.

Tisiphone says to Hazul, “It’s probably with err, Madam Tsururu.”

Hazul: “Follow me, and we will have her audience. And I will have my hammer.”

Tisiphone nods and trails after Hazul with Alecto.

Sirello follows, raising an eyebrow at Tsi about her ‘friend’.

To Sirello, / He’s all right… just takes a bit of getting used to… /

As the four of them enter the private dining room, they notice that 5 small tables have been set up – all with tea set up. (the Room is 5×8m – the tables are the types where you kneel infront of them, 3 tables in a row with 1 table on the right and another table opposite the 3 – from general manners / protocol, you would understand that the 3 of you take the 3, Hazul the one on the right and Kei sitting opposite you)

Some attendants usher them in and to their seats as Hazul scans the room for his weapon in vain.

Sirello: /ok… is he hiding something, or just, um, slow?/

Tisiphone: /He’s a good man./

Once they are all seated, they hear slightly heavier footsteps approach and a surprisingly young woman steps through, carrying with two hands a maul – with a little difficulty -

“Hazul, how could you have Ellentore carry around this uncivilised club of yours.” With a bit of a heave she allows the head to fall to the floor next to the dwarf before taking her seat.

Sirello stands when she enters, and sits again after she does.

Hazul: “Kei, this is a tool! And it would behoove you to stop stealing it…” He leans it up against the corner of the room.

Kei snorts, “Maybe a crude tool with extremely limited uses.”

Tisiphone tilts her head slightly, watching the banter with interest.

Hazul: “Tools’ uses are limited by the minds that use them, Kei.”

Alecto watches dispassionately. /Oaf./

Tisiphone’s answering thought is remonstrating, /Oh, don’t be mean…/

Kei as she sits down, eyes the three with interest, “As you may have gathered, I am Kei Tsururu and this oaf of a dwarf is our temporary Shrine Protector. Hazul, may I ask who I have the pleasure of having tea with?”

Sirello says, “Kei, This is Tisiphone, and Alecto, and I’m Sirello. We’re here at the reqest of Kogame.”

Kei sits up straighter and her smile seems to falter as she dons a more guarded look. “Am I to assume you are on Kogame’s payroll then?”

Sirello says, “We are, and I fear you can guess why we’re here.”

Tisiphone interjects, “…I don’t think ‘fear’ would be the best word.”

With a very serious face, Kei says “If Kogame is stilll upset about how I set fire to her carriage while she was still in it, you can tell her that I already gave her all the compensation I could afford and that I now do not have a penny to my name.” She says the last bit in a bit of a theatrical wail.

Hazul guffaws loudly.

Sirello: /I thought honesty was our best policy here/
Tisiphone: /I agree./

Kei sneaks a sidelong look at Hazul and winks at him.

Sirello states baldly, “We’ve come to collect Durandal.”

Kei startles at mention of Durandal. “Durandal? Do you know Durandal Hazul, I’m sure we do not have an attendant here that goes by that name.”

Tisiphone says slowly, “Um, Kei… Ms. Tsururu. We know it is here.”

Hazul stares at the visitors. “What claim does your Kogame have on Durandal? This is Kei’s property is it not?”

Sirello: /ahaha/
Sirello: “It appears your attendant betrays you, Kei.”

Tisiphone: “Kogame wishes to keep them safe from harm.”

Kei mouths silently and not very subtly to Hazul, “They say they know Durandal is here!”

Hazul mouths back, “I know. Let’s see where this goes.”

Kei turns back to Tisiphone, “Nope, clearly Hazul is confused.”

“Clearly Kei cannot distinguish confusion from curiosity.” Hazul pulls a quick face at Kei.

Kei pouts at Hazul’s playful face.

Tisiphone drums her fingers on the table at their antics. “I’d take it kindly if you didn’t treat us like idiots.”

Kei’s eyes widen at her accusation. “I don’t think you are idiots! You seem like very kind people who have suddenly come to the realisation that working for Kogame would only make you seem like idiots.”

Sirello thinks to Tisiphone, /I don’t think we can leave here with the blade without the blessing of Kei, so we need to get through this./ Aloud, he says, “Whereas you, Kei, are clearly far more intelligent, if we judge by who you employ.” He glances pointedly at Hazul.

Tisiphone smiles a little sadly. “We are not kind people, I’m afraid.” She hmms. “Sorry, I don’t mean that as a threat.”

“Hazul isn’t under my employment, he’s just another adorable little dwarf I have to care for – isn’t that right, dwarfy warfy…” Kei wrinkles her nose at Hazul.

Hazul: “A friend of Tiz is a friend of mine, eh Sirello?”
Hazul: “Kei is just permanently infeebled, don’t mind her”

Sirello smiles grimly.

Tisiphone frowns. “Both of you…all of you, please stop.”

Sirello adds, “This sniping is achieving nothing but the inflation of egos.”

Kei has an indignant look on her face “I’m not permanently infeebled, how could you say something so cruel Hazul!” she pretends to wipe tears from her eyes.

Sirello thinks to Tisiphone, /We should leave/

Tisiphone replies silently, /Not yet, please… we can work this out. I don’t want this to come to a fight./

Sirello: /This is pointless unless we have something to hold against her, and from their history, I think Kogame may hold some useful information/

Tisiphone: /She implied that Kei’d see sense. Or something./

Hazul says, “Ha ha! In all seriousness though, we should get down to brass tacks. What kind of protection do you offer for Durandal? Is it in danger?”

Sirello replies, "The protection we offer must be considered in two ways. The first, is the safety of the blade in our hands. The second is its safety if it remains here. As to the first, we have two other deviant blades in our hands, which speaks for our ability to protect them.

As to the second, you can guarantee that other, less subtle ‘interested parties’ will, in time, follow the blade here. And they, if I would be forced to hazard a guess, could wreak much havoc here. Could you protect yourself, the blade, and all those who shelter here? Are you willing to risk their lives on your gamble?"

Hazul thinks about how the blade allows the wielder to perform impossible feats and inwardly chuckles a “yes”.

Kei replies, “What makes Kogame think that I infact still am in the possession of Durandal? Is she not aware that I have sent it away?”

Sirello says, “You say you do not think us idiots, yet you continue to lie. The blade is here.” Silently, he adds to Tisiphone, /You’re sure you sense it?/

[12:59:16 AM] Tisiphone: /Mm. I have a theory./
[12:59:34 AM] Sirello: /yes?/

Kei asks, “What proof do you have that I infact possess Durandal?”

Tisiphone fixes her eyes on Kei, speaking to all in the room. /I can feel it here./

To Sirello, she adds, /Knock over your tea, make it look like an accident./

Kei’s eyes widen in shock and her body stiffens at the mental contact and she focuses all her attention on you /You can sense Durandal? How is that possible…? Unless…./ she switches her attention to Alecto and addresses her, “Say, child, what was your name again?”

Alecto merely smiles at Kei.

Sirello takes a sip of tea, and sighs as he places it back down, accidentally knocking the tea from the table. “My apologies,” he says, “I fear I am most clumsy.” Privately to Alecto, /Mind if I ask why?/

/I want to see one of the blades the attendants wear./

/I’ll ask to inspect it when she comes. Also, deny her any information about Alecto. She is clearly interested, and it might be worth frustrating her./

Tisiphone’s answering thought is rueful. /Actually, Hazul already knows what I am./

For a few seconds, Kei scrutinizes Alecto before leaning back again and smiling back, she lazily calls out a name, “Koh.” An attendant slides open the door to your left and upon seeing the spilt tea moves to replace it.

Hazul senses the meaningful staring and begins to grow wary.

Sirello: /Then let him divulge it. From what we have seen so far, he may stumble over the details and misleaed her anyway/

Sirello asks the attendant, “Do you mind if I have a look at that blade miss?”

Tisiphone feels Kei’s surprise at Sirello’s question – and she steals a quick glance back at you.

The attendant startles at his question and defensively grasps the blade closer to her body and looks to Kei questioningly. Kei give her a nod of approval and the attendant hands the blade over.

Sirello hands the blade to Tisiphone.

Kei says, “It is just a rapier that all our attendants are issued. It gives them a sense of security if you will.”

Tisiphone holds the blade and shows it to her sister. “I find it interesting, in that case, that none of your attendants appear comfortable wearing them, let alone capable of wielding these weapons.”

Alecto runs her fingers lightly over the hilt.

Kei gives Tisiphone a lazy smile. “Hazul said to me the exact same thing. I will give you the answer I gave him: You will be surprised at what one can accomplish when wishing to protect what they hold dear to themselves.”

Tisiphone inclines her head, acknowledging the subtle hint.

Alecto can feel a surge of sudden energy as runs her hand along the blade – it feels as though it seems to comfort and encourage her. That sense isnt strong, it’s like a small puppy trying to huddle in your lap for warmth.

Alecto jerks her fingers back in surprise, then, intrigued, she reaches out to touch it again, gently.

Tisiphone murmurs, “Hmm. It feels… different from the others…”

Kei arches an eyebrow. “It feels?” She sneaks a questioning sidelong glance at Hazul and motions with her eyes at Tisiphone.

Frustrated by the sidling, Tisiphone abruptly shifts to telepathy, staring at Kei. /Let’s play no more games. We can feel the energy in these blades. These rapiers are Durandal, are they not? /

A sly smile appears on Kei’s face, \But durandal is one sword, how is it possible for all these swords to be Durandal?\

[1:27:41 AM] Tisiphone: /Gae Bolg can split in two./
[1:28:30 AM] Sirello: Kae, you speak with a forked tongue. But we are not here to trick or beguile you. What is the purpose of your trickery?
[1:28:51 AM] GM: She gives you a piercing stare \Gae Bolg was a special case – and even then there were two halves, not over 100 blades\
[1:29:44 AM] Sirello: “you cannot seriously hope to argue that this is not a deviant blade, specifically the blade of miracles, because it is unlikely that it can split?”
[1:30:13 AM] Sirello: “surely by definition the deviant blades can achieve the inexplicable”
[1:31:13 AM] GM: \hoho, so you know of the history of Durandal – true theoretically it may be possible for Durandal to be split, but ask your friend here what that would do to the….integrity of the blade\
[1:32:12 AM] GM: \Even Hazul here would be able to tell you that splicing a blade such as Durandal would not be the wisest of things\
[1:32:31 AM] Tisiphone: /If it were like Gae Bolg, it would cry out like a spirit literally torn into pieces. But clearly it is not the case here. Durandal is different./
[1:34:50 AM] Tisiphone: /Let us make ourselves plain then, as Kogame seemed to have a high opinion of you, and you keep the company of Hazul, who sheltered us once when we needed aid./
[1:35:20 AM] Sirello: Sirello is build
[1:35:30 AM] Tisiphone: /We can sense the spirit energy in this blade, as we could sense the spirit in Fragorach, and in Gae Bolg/
[1:35:33 AM] Sirello: built*
[1:35:45 AM] GM: \Kei again sneaks an enquiring look at Hazul when you mention your past with him\
[1:36:38 AM] Tisiphone: /We can feel that Durandal is here, and Alecto tells me that she can feel it reaching out to her./
[1:36:39 AM] GM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE1111gF2Qc for this part of the conversation!
[1:37:08 AM] Tisiphone: (hehehe, yay! put Sirello up on iplay? :D)
[1:37:40 AM] Sirello: (later :P)
[1:38:51 AM] GM: \It seems there is no deceiving your senses. Very well then, I admit that Durandal is here – but I will not hand it over that easily. So I propose to you a challenge: If you find here the real Durandal, I will then properly consider handing it over to you\
[1:40:26 AM] Sirello: /Well, this is on you i guess tsi, anything I can do?/
[1:42:16 AM] Tisiphone: /to Sirello/Hmm, I think we’ll need to start with collecting all the rapiers in one spot./
[1:42:31 AM] Tisiphone: /to Kei/Done./
[1:42:43 AM] GM: \Durandal is located in this Shrine somewhere, and I would ask of you as you look for it, to consider what it is you will be taking from us, what you will be stripping from this Shrine of – as you may have realised, all the residents of this shrine are under my protection – they have all led harsh lives – abandoned by those who they would trust. I have gathered them all here in an attempt to show them that the world is not devoid of kindness, to give them a home, a semblence of some kind of peace and a new life\
[1:45:06 AM] GM: \Durandal represented to them, a way to express that they could protect themselves, that they were able to stand up and fight those that would oppress them. Think carefully on what I have said before you would strip them of this small flame of hope that they cling to.\
[1:45:24 AM] Sirello: \
[1:45:42 AM] Sirello: /Lets find the blade/
[1:46:30 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone nods. /You seem like a good woman, Kei Tsururu. I don’t believe that Kogame would ask us to retrieve the blade from you if there was not a good reason for it./
[1:47:07 AM] Sirello: /I would go easy on the Kogame link I think/
[1:47:29 AM] Tisiphone: /To be honest, i’m curious as to what their relationship is./
[1:47:44 AM] Sirello: /Be curious once we have the blade :)/
[1:48:22 AM] GM: Kei bitterly responds /I know what it is Kogame intends to do….she would trample innocents to reach her ‘greater good’ and for that I hate her\
[1:49:37 AM] Sirello: “And you would risk the safety of multitudes to protect the few you have here. Perspective can change any position, no matter how contrary it may seem”
[1:51:09 AM] Tisiphone: /I would be very interested in hearing your opinions, as well as what you know./ Tisiphone’s mind-voice is surprisingly gentle and sincere.
[1:52:07 AM] GM: Kei fixes Sirello with a cold stare No I would not risk the safety of a majority, but neither would I abandon a minority….I can see why Kogame would have you under her employment
[1:53:33 AM] GM: \I believe you have a task to perform \ she looks up at the Sun Time waits for no one, and your deadline will be when the Sund sets\
[1:54:18 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone raises her eyebrows. /Do I have your permission to collect and examine the blades of your attendants?/
[1:54:50 AM] GM: \Do as you see fit, I will have Hazul accompany you to ensure that things go smoothly\
[1:56:54 AM] Sirello: /that seems counter intuitive/
[1:57:38 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone nods and she and Alecto rise to their feet, nod to Kei. /to Sirello/Well…we’ll see./
[1:58:10 AM] Tisiphone: (first stop, collect all attendants XD)
[1:58:18 AM] Sirello: “would you mind asking the attendants to bring their blades here”
[2:00:59 AM] GM: \Ah, you can’t expect the attendants to all come and gather here while you inspect their blades while they’re all busy going on with their various duties – Hazul is already familiar with where the attendants will be doing their chores, I’m sure he is more than willing to act as your escort. Besides it will give you some time to catch up with him\ Kei gives you an extremely saccharine smile.
[2:02:49 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone shrugs, expecting as much. /Come on, Sirello, it’ll be like a spring egg hunt…or something./
[2:04:44 AM] Tisiphone: (I imagine we’d go around collecting the swords, while Tisiphone & Alecto keep trying to sense for the actual blade. But yeah, putting the swords in one place would help reduce interference and make sure her theory’s correct :P)
[2:05:06 AM] Tisiphone: (Also, she’d try talking to it.)
[2:05:19 AM] Tisiphone: (What would we actually know of the specifics of Durandal anyway?)
[2:07:13 AM] GM: (You get the feeling trying to talk to it that the presense in each individual blade is too weak to form anything more coherent than general feelings of comfort and encouragement – about Durandal itself, you just know that it’s supposed to be a blade that closely resembles a rapier / short sword)
[2:07:30 AM] GM: (we can skip forward to you collecting almost all the blades if you want :))
[2:07:57 AM] Tisiphone: (yeah, that might be best XD)
[2:09:01 AM] GM: You finally gather almost all the swords from the attendants in the courtyard infront of the main hall.
[2:09:36 AM] GM: They all seem to all have the same amount of ‘Durandal Presense’ as each other, as if Durandal has evenly been split amongst all of them
[2:10:25 AM] Tisiphone: (When they’re all gathered, does the presence of Durandal seem to mainly concentrated around the pile?)
[2:10:34 AM] GM: (Alecto would feel that with all the swords in such close proximity to each other, they all seem to pull each other towards themselves)
[2:12:27 AM] GM: As you stand there looking over the pile, Hazul helpfully chimes in *Oh wait, there’s one more sword that Kei uses – she keeps it in the main hall
He points over to the hall behind him.
[2:13:14 AM] Tisiphone: “Thank you. May we bring it out here?”
[2:13:49 AM] GM: Of course, he slides the door open for you
[2:14:21 AM] Tisiphone: The twins step inside the main hall, looking for the sword.
[2:15:30 AM] Sirello: cyb!
[2:15:32 AM] GM: At the end of the hall is a Picture of a proud looking woman and underneath it placed on a wooden sword stand inlaid with gold is another rapier/short sword
[2:15:35 AM] GM: http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o299/FallenKrusnik/Minitokyo_Gonzo_Female_Scans_201687.jpg
[2:15:43 AM] GM: That’s the picture under which the sword is resting
[2:15:52 AM] Tisiphone: (Yesss? :D)
[2:16:03 AM] Tisiphone: (whoah)
[2:16:09 AM] Tisiphone: (She looks freaky hahaha)
[2:16:18 AM] GM: ( _ )
[2:17:08 AM] Tisiphone: (any ideas who this woman might be? History 28)
[2:18:11 AM] GM: (With your history check, you realise that the woman in the picture has a strong resemblance to Kei, but besides that you do not recognise her)
[2:19:19 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone notes the portrait as something to ask about later and goes to lift the sword from its stand.
[2:20:22 AM] GM: As you life the sword from the stand,
[2:21:36 AM] GM: you are immediately struck by its weight difference. In addition to this, you immediately feel that this sword is devoid of any feel that resembles that of the other blades. It seems hollow and cold.
[2:22:20 AM] Sirello: hollow and cold in a way a mundane / normal magic item does?
[2:22:22 AM] Sirello: or different
[2:22:44 AM] Tisiphone: /Interesting./ /Quite./ She brings it out to the courtyard where the other swords are.
[2:24:02 AM] GM: (hollow and cold in a sort of mundane way, but as you hold it, there seems to be a certain weight to it as you hold it)
[2:25:36 AM] GM: (as you carry it out as well, it seems to you as if it is better oiled as the blade seems to more easily come out of its sheath)
[2:26:27 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone crouches down beside the pile of blades and tentatively brings it close to one of the partially imbued swords.
[2:27:54 AM] GM: Nothing seems to happen as you bring it close to one of the other blades – and infact, as you bring it closer, Alecto feels that the other sword that has some presence about it seems to not only pull towards the other swords bunched up, but to push away from the sword you just brought out.
[2:29:20 AM] Sirello: /could this be the original?/
[2:29:45 AM] Sirello: /were you able to talk to the blades, or only sense their emotion?/
[2:31:25 AM] Tisiphone: /…I thought it might be…It feels empty somehow, perhaps because it was emptied to imbue these swords with some of its power? I don’t want to force them though./
[2:33:44 AM] Sirello: (cyb … I may or may not have gotten a minion to match the picture)
[2:34:14 AM] Tisiphone: She glances at her sister, and they both ponder the pile of swords. Kneeling in the courtyard beside the pile, they close their eyes and attempt to see if they can contact the spirit(s?) locked within Durandal.
[2:34:16 AM] Sirello: skull with tophate…
[2:34:20 AM] Sirello: hat*
[2:34:34 AM] Tisiphone: (hahahahha)
[2:34:40 AM] Tisiphone: (familiar?)
[2:36:48 AM] Sirello: (Yeah)
[2:37:03 AM] Sirello: (It fits well, I can summon a tiny creature as this class anyway)
[2:37:12 AM] Sirello: (I’ll just group them into one thing)
[2:38:31 AM] GM: Your and Alecto struggle to sift through all the emotions being expressed by all the blades. You fail to make contact with any spirit that may be Durandal, however you do come to the realisation that what you are detecting are not Spirits but the sustained spiritual effect of a ‘spell’ cast by an Old Spirit(s) from the Spiritual plane.
[2:40:57 AM] GM: (it’s not quite a spell as you would know it – spiritual magic is different to the arcane magic that is manipulated on the material plane, and far more sophisticated and potent than spiritual magic used by shamans etc on the material plane)
[2:41:56 AM] Tisiphone: (Hmmm… would it be possible to contact the spirit that’s sustaining the spell?)
[2:42:39 AM] Tisiphone: (eg. try to go into a trance and travel to the spiritual plane)
[2:42:49 AM] GM: (sure you can try to do that)
[2:42:52 AM] Sirello: cyb, i totally envisage tsi as this http://dark134.deviantart.com/gallery/?sort=popularity&catpath=/&q=#/d1vps0x
[2:43:11 AM] Tisiphone: (hahahaha cute! XD)
[2:43:46 AM] Tisiphone: (That’s prolly what she looked like as a little kid, except with black hair XD)
[2:44:02 AM] GM: (then she was tampered with and her hair turned white…rofl)
[2:45:15 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone passes on what she senses to Sirello. “We’re going to try to see if we can contact the spirit.” She hrms. “I… haven’t done this in a while… would you be able to keep an eye on my body while we’re gone?”
[2:45:49 AM] Tisiphone: (What’s the weather looking like? :P)
[2:46:18 AM] GM: (it’s quite sunny, a nice sea breeze, so it’s very cosy in the couryard)
[2:46:56 AM] Sirello: /I’ll be here/
[2:47:21 AM] Sirello: said, if possible, to both you and alecto
[2:47:26 AM] GM: (lol, while you trance, Hazul crushes your skull with his maul hahahhaha)
[2:47:41 AM] GM: (takes your loot)
[2:47:59 AM] Sirello: lol, at least he would, if he could find his maul …
[2:47:59 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone nods to Sirello. Alecto grins toothily, but she seems slightly nervous.
[2:48:28 AM] Tisiphone: (reckon we’ll need a magic circle for this? XD)
[2:48:33 AM] Tisiphone: (What’d be the protocol?)
[2:48:45 AM] Tisiphone: (I uhh actually don’t have ritual casting :P)
[2:48:55 AM] Tisiphone: (yet)
[2:49:13 AM] GM: (nah it’s fine lol, unlike arcane rituals, ‘spiritual magic’ is alot more flexible / less formal and does not need silly preparations)
[2:49:14 AM] Sirello: Sirello could lead you through it
[2:49:29 AM] Sirello: He knows all the silly preparations
[2:49:33 AM] Tisiphone: hehehe
[2:49:58 AM] Tisiphone: (he can draw one anyway just in case something comes out XD)
[2:54:16 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone and Alecto kneel down facing one another as the former unwraps the loop of string from around her wrist. Closer inspection would reveal that the string is actually woven from various different coloured strands of hair and is threaded with beads. Tisiphone loops the string around her fingers and holds it out to Alecto, who gently reaches in and and out, creating a different pattern as Tisiphone lets go. They repeat the gesture again and again as the pattern in the string becomes more and more complex until finally it looks like an intricate web with a circular hole in the centre.
[2:55:54 AM] Tisiphone: Alecto disappears and Tisiphone slumps to the ground as their spirits drift free from the Material Plane and into the Spiritual. Arcane sight would reveal a white rope of light that links Tisiphone’s spirit back to her body.
[3:00:22 AM] GM: As you leave the Material Plane, you feel as if you have torpedoed into a vast expanse of water – sounds of crashing water echo around before suddenly being expelled and warped into an area of nothingness – you’re floating in an expanse that continually flickers black/white/grey with tendrils of each colour whipping around eveywhere. You can see the air shimmer where spirits move through an area and feel their presence as you seem to breathe them in. A presense gently pushes against your mind, and enquiring feeling can be felt
[3:05:27 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone grips Alecto’s hand as they orient themselves in the chaos. As they feel the enquiring presence, Alecto speaks, her voice polite, if dispassionate. “Greetings to you. I am Alecto, and this is my sister, Tisiphone. We seek the Old One who empowers Durandal.”
[3:10:07 AM] GM: You feel many spirits murmur the name Durandal over and over again \durandal durandal durandal durandal durandal\ You feel spirits push and pull at you and Alecto as if fighting over which direction to take you. Eventually, all the pushing and pulling dies down, and a more suffocating force seems to scoop the two of you up conveying mentally to you \durandal, you will go to durandal\

With that, it seems your are thrown back as the world seems to be sucked forward infront of you as you rush backwards through the crashing sound of waves and suddenly you find yourself back in your body as your eyes snap open. As you exhale, the lingering presence of the Spirit that sent you back whispers in your mind \Durandal is here\
[3:12:04 AM] GM: As you blink your eyes, alien knowledge seems to enter your mind as the Spirit departs your body <if>
[3:13:07 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone sits up groggily.
[3:13:11 AM] Tisiphone: (Is the spirit still here?)
[3:13:32 AM] GM: (Yes, it still lingers, but it is quickly leaving)
[3:13:49 AM] Tisiphone: (is the sword whole again? or is it still in pieces?)
[3:14:45 AM] Tisiphone: / Wait! May we speak with you? /
[3:14:55 AM] GM: (sword is still in pieces)
[3:16:03 AM] GM: You feel the spirit still, a wave of questioning overcomes your mind (you assume it is waiting for you to ask it something)
[3:16:42 AM] Tisiphone: / Who are you? /
[3:16:57 AM] Tisiphone: (hmmm wait, so does she know how to put Durandal back together? XD)
[3:18:40 AM] Sirello: “are you ok?”
[3:19:16 AM] GM: You feel a collective presence completely overwhelm you, making you and Alecto feel very small and insignificant \We are the Spirit Plane, spirit walker…\
[3:19:37 AM] GM: (no, but if you had to guess, the spell would have to be reverted for the Spirits to take their form again)
[3:20:43 AM] Tisiphone: (i’m confused XD)
[3:20:48 AM] Tisiphone: (also tired lol)
[3:21:00 AM] Tisiphone: (maybe we should sleep soon haha)
[3:21:45 AM] GM: (rofl weaaak haahaha :P)
[3:21:50 AM] Tisiphone: (-)
[3:21:54 AM] Tisiphone: (yeah I know :P)
[3:22:03 AM] Tisiphone: (continue another day?)
[3:23:03 AM] GM: (rofl oki doki _
[3:23:07 AM] GM: )
[3:24:01 AM] Tisiphone: hehehe
[5/5/2011 2:16:57 AM] GM: As you ease the blade out of its sheath, you note that when you first put hands on the blade, you felt vaguely unfamiliar with it, but as you draw it further out until it is free, it seems to be perfectly fitted to you in terms of weight distribution and is but an extension of your arm Upon closer inspection, the edge itself does not seem to be that sharp at all – rather dull. Swinging it experimentally through the air, you would describe it as ‘weaving’ through the air rather than cutting.
[5/5/2011 2:18:21 AM] Sirello: arcana cheeeeeeck
[5/5/2011 2:20:11 AM] GM: ok!
[5/5/2011 2:21:22 AM] Sirello: 37
[5/5/2011 2:22:16 AM] GM: When you probe the sword with your own magic, it seems to suck in your initial probe, cutting you off suddenly from that tendril of magic, and then it dissipates your magic into nothingness, as it refracts the air around the blade slightly for a split second.
[5/5/2011 2:23:07 AM] GM: (that refraction, is the same kind of thing you can sort of make out as you see the sword ‘weave’ through the air)
[5/5/2011 2:23:30 AM] Sirello: Does it feel like it is absorbing or dissapatng the magic
[5/5/2011 2:24:01 AM] GM: It’s as if it absorbs and dissipates the magic at the same rate – like a filter of sorts.
[5/5/2011 2:27:59 AM] Sirello: What if I attempt to draw magic through it?
[7/05/2011 5:11:17 PM] GM: Well, the moment you would push magic through it, it absorbs and disperses it – you wouldn’t be able to pull magic from it as you feel it doesn’t have a source of magic to pull from.
[7/05/2011 5:11:23 PM] GM: that was the sword bit you missed i think
[7/05/2011 5:09:53 PM] GM: did you uh…read the bit about Sirello checking out the sword?
[7/05/2011 5:12:33 PM] Tisiphone: hmmm, ok
[7/05/2011 5:13:33 PM] GM: (you would have seen what he was doing as well)
[7/05/2011 5:15:11 PM] Tisiphone: hmmm
[7/05/2011 5:19:01 PM] Tisiphone: Do the other swords react when Sirello tries to put magic through it?
[7/05/2011 5:19:35 PM] GM: None of them react in the same way
[7/05/2011 5:19:58 PM] Tisiphone: I think I’m overthinking something here lol
[7/05/2011 5:20:50 PM] GM: You’d also notice that all the other swords have sharpened blades – like any other normal sword would. (The one Sirello is examining now is relatively blunted)
[7/05/2011 5:23:37 PM] Tisiphone: But it weaves.
[7/05/2011 5:26:03 PM] GM: (well it seems like it does – refraction of light as it dissipates inert magic around it
[7/05/2011 5:26:05 PM] GM: )
[7/05/2011 5:26:24 PM] Tisiphone: Illusion..?
[7/05/2011 5:27:09 PM] GM: (sort of like how on a hot day, the air kinda wavers? not sure if that’s the right word lol)
[7/05/2011 5:32:23 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone exchanges glances with Alecto. /Well, the situation can only be one of three things. One. This sword is the original Durandal, with the spell spreading its energy into these other blades. Two, there is another sword around here that we haven’t accounted for…unlikely, since the spirits brought us back here and told us that Durandal is here… Three, this is actually a trick question and all the other swords are “Durandal” and there is no original. /
[7/05/2011 5:32:46 PM] Tisiphone: / … /
[7/05/2011 5:32:49 PM] Tisiphone: Alecto shrugs.
[7/05/2011 5:34:38 PM] Tisiphone: (how identical are the other rapiers?)
[7/05/2011 5:36:03 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone sifts through the pile of blades, drawing two of them to compare. Requisitioning a whetstone from either Sirello or Hazul, she runs the whetstone along the sharp edge of one rapier to see if she can blunt it
[7/05/2011 5:37:34 PM] GM: (the other rapiers are preeettty similar – some of the handles seem slightly newer than others as if the blades had to be reset in new hilts, some of the sheaths are made from different woods but all are painted black)
[7/05/2011 5:38:03 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone’s more interested in the blades, rather than the hilts.
[7/05/2011 5:38:06 PM] GM: After working away at a blade with a whetstone, you do manage to dull the blade….unevenly.
[7/05/2011 5:38:21 PM] Sirello: Did you tell me what happened to you cyb / what was said?
[7/05/2011 5:38:33 PM] Tisiphone: (err, yes ;))
[7/05/2011 5:38:48 PM] Tisiphone: She looks over at the other rapier she’s drawn. Is that one still sharp?
[7/05/2011 5:40:45 PM] GM: (the second rapier you drew is still sharp)
[7/05/2011 5:41:36 PM] Sirello: Sirello suggests “Could Durandal be the spell itself?”
[7/05/2011 5:42:03 PM] Tisiphone: / In which case that means there is no original blade…? /
[7/05/2011 5:44:11 PM] Tisiphone: / Doesn’t it? /
[7/05/2011 5:45:22 PM] Tisiphone: / Although what does that make that sword you’re holding? /
[7/05/2011 5:46:44 PM] Tisiphone: / As the sword you’re holding seems to repel the others in some way. /
[7/05/2011 5:50:11 PM] Sirello: /that could be the spell repelling the others, i.e. durandal repelling the others/
[7/05/2011 5:51:00 PM] GM: Around 4 hours has passed since you’ve gathered up the swords and inspected them. Kei soon comes over to check on your progress. You seem quite lost she says in an amused tone.
[7/05/2011 5:52:20 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone and Alecto give Kei identical, disgruntled looks.
[7/05/2011 5:52:47 PM] Sirello: non canon
[7/05/2011 5:52:56 PM] Sirello: BACK FIEND!, WE’RE DOING SCIENCE
[7/05/2011 5:53:02 PM] Tisiphone: XD
[7/05/2011 5:55:51 PM] GM: LOL
[7/05/2011 5:57:12 PM] GM: How about a trade, I’ll give you a helpful hint, if you give me a secret of yours in return. (Kei is addressing both of you)
[7/05/2011 5:58:13 PM] Sirello: “What do we have that is value to you”
[7/05/2011 5:58:17 PM] Tisiphone: The twins raise eyebrows. “It would have to be a good hint.”
[7/05/2011 5:59:13 PM] Tisiphone: (also, is Kei actually wearing a sword right now?)
[7/05/2011 5:59:27 PM] GM: Well, a good hint would need a good secret! I looooove secrets…and I can tell if you lie to me! She says the last part in a sing-song voice.
[7/05/2011 6:00:02 PM] GM: (no Kei isn’t wearing a sword, you know from what Hazul told you, that the blunted sword you took out from under the Picture inside was used by Kei)
[7/05/2011 6:01:39 PM] Tisiphone: Alecto smirks. / I think almost anyone can tell if you lie to them, Tiz. / / Shut up. /
[7/05/2011 6:02:15 PM] Tisiphone: “What would you like to know?”
[7/05/2011 6:02:59 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone casually yoinks Kei’s sword from Sirello and runs the whetstone experimentally across its surface (this time trying to sharpen it).
[7/05/2011 6:03:42 PM] Sirello: (rofl @ cyb)
[7/05/2011 6:04:21 PM] Sirello: “If you can tell when we lie, have we told you any lies since we arrived?”
[7/05/2011 6:04:26 PM] GM: "Well I’d love to know everything about you…but of course you’re not about to sit dow….* as she see’s you running the whetstone accross her sword, Kei winces Could you please please please not do that? as she moves towards you to prevent you from running the whetstone down the length of the blade*
[7/05/2011 6:05:02 PM] Sirello: /Did you know that would annoy her?/
[7/05/2011 6:05:06 PM] GM: She gives Sirello a sheepish look, I wasn’t really paying attention…hehehe…
[7/05/2011 6:05:33 PM] Tisiphone: / Actually, I just wanted to see if it could be sharpened… /
[7/05/2011 6:05:37 PM] Tisiphone: / All in the name of science. /
[7/05/2011 6:06:00 PM] GM: She reaches forward to place her hand on the whetstone wielding hand of Tisiphone’s
[7/05/2011 6:06:49 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone pauses, tilting her head. “..but it is blunt.”
[7/05/2011 6:07:13 PM] Tisiphone: / Interesting reaction, though. /
[7/05/2011 6:09:38 PM] GM: Yes I knooow that, it is meant to be blunt…and look! Scuff marks! Now I’ll have to re-oil the blade
[7/05/2011 6:10:20 PM] GM: But as I was saying….secrets! Tell me a deep dark secret of yours and I’ll weight it and give you a hint of equal weighting.
[7/05/2011 6:11:13 PM] Sirello: “I have a question first. Do you have the ability to restore durandal to a single blade?”
[7/05/2011 6:11:56 PM] Tisiphone: The girl’s mouth quirks up at the corner. “And I have a question. Why is this blade meant to be blunt? What would happen if you did sharpen it?”
[7/05/2011 6:12:24 PM] Tisiphone: (Also..insight 35)
[7/05/2011 6:12:33 PM] Tisiphone: on her “Yes I knoooow that”
[7/05/2011 6:13:04 PM] GM: Kei contemplates your question for awhile Hmm…weellll, theoretically, if Durandal was a single blade and was split somehow…then sure, whatever is done can always be undone…nothing is irreversible when it comes to magic
[7/05/2011 6:13:34 PM] GM: (lol when you insight her what were you looking for? she clearly did know it was blunt hahahha)
[7/05/2011 6:13:48 PM] Tisiphone: (haha, just trying to figure out why she’s so nervous XD)
[7/05/2011 6:14:16 PM] GM: Well….I’m not that great a swordsman you see…and this blunt practice blade of mine suits me perfectly as I hvae zero chance of maiming myself by accident!
[7/05/2011 6:14:22 PM] Tisiphone: Ahahaahhahaa
[7/05/2011 6:14:35 PM] Tisiphone: (32 insight on that :P)
[7/05/2011 6:14:41 PM] GM: hahaha
[7/05/2011 6:15:09 PM] Tisiphone: Alecto smirks silently. / Look, sister, I think we’ve found someone who’s as bad at lying as you are… /
[7/05/2011 6:15:23 PM] Sirello: ahaha
[7/05/2011 6:15:52 PM] Sirello: "30 insight on ‘theoretically, if durandul were a single blade* – does she know more
[7/05/2011 6:16:40 PM] GM: Well, when she placed her hands on your own to stop you from further ’damaging’ the blade, you noticed that her hands were definitely calloused like a swordsmans – so you think that if she is as bad she claims…she must be very very very very terrible at swordsmanship, or flat outright lying…or just bad.
[7/05/2011 6:18:49 PM] GM: for Sirello: (you find it hard to discern if she knows more or not – after all she was just speculating on your proposed theory….but you believe her answer to be one that would require some understanding of magical theory – so she’s not guessing/making stuff up as far as you can tell)
[7/05/2011 6:19:40 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone smiles. “You seem very attached to this ‘blunt practice blade’.”
[7/05/2011 6:22:29 PM] GM: Well, of course, I spend alot of time detailing this blade – it’s somewhat of a family heirloom if you will although I don’t have much of an affinity with it…
[7/05/2011 6:23:33 PM] Sirello: /she really is trying to get that particular lie across/
[7/05/2011 6:24:25 PM] Tisiphone: /I guess she’s confirmed Durandal for us?/
[7/05/2011 6:27:07 PM] Sirello: /Sorry Tsi, going to be difficult/
[7/05/2011 6:27:12 PM] Sirello: “You said that if we found durandal, we could take it with us. If you only know the theory of the blade, what difference do you make to our actions. If you know what the blade is, then you’ve lied, or tried to mislead us, which would be a common theme, and means we shouldn’t trust anything further you say, and if you actually don’t know how the blade functions, then your cooperation, either way, is pointless. So which is it?”
[7/05/2011 6:30:08 PM] GM: Kei gives you a ‘Well duh look’ Of course I’m trying to mislead you silly! But having said that I will uphold my word to release Durandal into your care if you do correctly find it….I mean…I’m not about to give Durandal away to a a bunch of dunderheads
[7/05/2011 6:30:39 PM] Sirello: “You haven’t answered my question”
[7/05/2011 6:30:53 PM] Sirello: “Do you know how durandal works?”
[7/05/2011 6:31:14 PM] Sirello: “Unless we get a straight answer to this, further conversation is kinda pointless”
[7/05/2011 6:31:23 PM] Tisiphone: / I, uh, think that she does. In fact, I think she’s probably the only one who can actually undo it. /
[7/05/2011 6:31:48 PM] GM: Kei takes in a deep breathe, and holds it for a bit..then gushes out “OF course I know how durandal works”
[7/05/2011 6:31:51 PM] Sirello: /I have the same feeling/
[7/05/2011 6:32:17 PM] Sirello: “good, then please leave and let us figure it out”
[7/05/2011 6:32:36 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone blinks.
[7/05/2011 6:32:41 PM] Sirello: /she wants to mislead us, won’t be of any help/
[7/05/2011 6:33:15 PM] GM: Kei huffs, "Fine! And I was willing to trade secrets for hints…hints for secrets….gosh you are so DRY! Trust Kogame to hire a humourless dolt….*
[7/05/2011 6:33:30 PM] Tisiphone: / …isn’t it this one? /
[7/05/2011 6:33:46 PM] Tisiphone: / Unless she’s better at lying than she seems and is pulling some sort of weird counter-bluff…thing… /
[7/05/2011 6:35:19 PM] Sirello: /we know nothing new from her being here, and she will try and find out information that could harm us. it isn’t worth the trade, especially considering her track record for providing information thus far/
[7/05/2011 6:35:25 PM] GM: Before turning around to leave, she takes the blunt blade and mutters to herself about having to make it shiny again and starts to walk away back in the direction of the Main Hall.
[7/05/2011 6:36:17 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone places her hand on Kei’s shoulder. “Wait.”
[7/05/2011 6:36:46 PM] GM: She stops but doesnt turn around to look at you.
[7/05/2011 6:37:38 PM] Sirello: /don’t let her take the blade/
[7/05/2011 6:40:09 PM] Tisiphone: “I…apologise for Sirello.” /sorry, Sirello!/ “You have been… somewhat difficult to pin down. It makes tempers short.”
[7/05/2011 6:41:47 PM] Sirello: /my temper isn’t short, but i don’t have time for someone who tries to toy with me/
[7/05/2011 6:41:57 PM] Sirello: /and nor should you/
[7/05/2011 6:42:08 PM] Tisiphone: /She’s afraid./
[7/05/2011 6:43:37 PM] Tisiphone: “Let me be open with you, as I don’t believe you would harm us unless we wronged you first, which I do not wish to happen.”
[7/05/2011 6:45:26 PM] Sirello: /That explains, not excuses, her conduct/
[7/05/2011 6:46:07 PM] Tisiphone: (is anyone actually in this courtyard with us?)
[7/05/2011 6:46:08 PM] GM: in a soft voice, that only just carries over to Tisiphone’s ears It would behoof you and your friend to come back when you are perhaps more learned in the ways of the Deviant Blades. I fear that your lack of understasnding will be your undoing and Kogame’s demise Her tone is tinged with some regret.
[7/05/2011 6:46:22 PM] GM: (just you guys…and uh…Hazul lol)
[7/05/2011 6:47:01 PM] GM: She then starts to again, walk back to the main hall, sword in hand.
[7/05/2011 6:47:35 PM] Tisiphone: /to Kei/Perhaps you could help us to understand the Blades./
[7/05/2011 6:49:14 PM] Tisiphone: /to Kei/If it is safer here with you than with Kogame, then perhaps it would be better that it remain. But we need to know./
[7/05/2011 6:50:06 PM] Tisiphone: (who were the guys in the red cloaks again?)
[7/05/2011 6:50:13 PM] GM: (Akatsuki)
[7/05/2011 6:50:46 PM] Tisiphone: (and they were trying to take the spear…?)
[7/05/2011 6:50:50 PM] GM: (ya)
[7/05/2011 6:56:56 PM] Tisiphone: /to Kei/My goal is to see the Deviant Blades stay out of the hands of those who would abuse them, and free the spirits from the ones that have trapped them. I… don’t feel any pain or coercion coming from Durandal. It feels different to the others I have seen, as if it is not spirits trapped within it that grant it its power… but spirits who have willingly lent their strength to give it its enchantment. /
[7/05/2011 6:58:31 PM] GM: Kei solemnly turns around to address you. Tisiphone, it’s only your very nature – what you are – that makes you useful to Kogame. You were sent here to retrieve Durandal from me is a test by Kogame to measure your worth. As you may already know your ability to ‘feel’ the Blades for what they are is rare and you seem to have a natural talent for it…one that far eclipses even my own senses. If you are incabable of even discerning which blade is Durandal, I fear that you will only further deceived by other tricker and less forgiving …opponents, and thus will be of no use to Kogame and discarded as such. Such a fate I feel would be to your benefit as I would never condemn someone to gather these cursed blades – it will only lead to endless bloodshed and ultimately betrayal – and you, who seem to have had a hard life should appreciate my actions
[7/05/2011 7:01:06 PM] GM: To Sirello: I find it hard to read your future as you are dead but not. But the Spirits say that your persuit of knowledge will lead you down a similar path of your predecessor. You’re blind acceptance of Kogame’s ‘missions’ will only bring you misfortune and pain
[7/05/2011 7:03:07 PM] GM: As she speaks to you, Alecto sort of sees double Kei’s – as if there is another spirit in Kei.
[7/05/2011 7:03:51 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone frowns. / What is the nature of your disagreement with Kogame? /
[7/05/2011 7:10:06 PM] GM: \I being the High Priestess of this Temple can feel the comings and goings of Spirits which allows me some ability to read what may come to pass, and while many paths are clouded, one path that I foresee with alarming clarity, is the tearing of the Spiritual Plane away from the Material Plane. The Spiritual Plane will be cast away..and over time will dwindle into non-existence./
[7/05/2011 7:10:47 PM] GM: \I urge you as a fellow Spirit Walker, to heed my warning and forsake this path you have set yourself upon\
[7/05/2011 7:11:36 PM] Tisiphone: /Do you believe that Kogame’s actions will lead to this sundering?/
[7/05/2011 7:15:25 PM] GM: \Kogame and I have known each other since a very young age. As much as I hate to admit it, once she puts her mind to a task, she will doggedly run it down until it is done. If she has now turned her eye on the Deviant Blades, I am sure she will eventually hold them all\
[7/05/2011 7:16:47 PM] GM: \and it is the least I can do, to attempt to deny her of her goal for just a bit longer\
[7/05/2011 7:18:29 PM] Tisiphone: /And yet you would have been willing to give the Blade to us had we passed your test?/
[7/05/2011 7:19:29 PM] Tisiphone: /And you still have not told me whether or not you believe whether Kogame gathering the blades will cause this sundering./
[7/05/2011 7:21:04 PM] Tisiphone: /If you believe that denying Kogame the blades will avert the disaster you see coming, then say so./
[7/05/2011 7:23:13 PM] GM: \While it may seem self-defeating – Yes, I would have handed over Durandal, for this is my test of your character and ability. It is the least I can do to ensure that Kogame hsa capable allies – especially if she is to face denizens not of our world\
[7/05/2011 7:25:47 PM] GM: \In my heart Tisiphone, I am undecided. I have not the knowledge nor the wisdom to interpret the truch of what I see. In that respect Kogame beats me for she has a motivation for her actions whilst I do not. I stay here, in this shrine paralysed by my fear of ‘could happens’ – it is perhaps the curse of my own powers\
[7/05/2011 7:29:58 PM] GM: \It is this undeciciveness and cowardness of mine that will eventually allow Durandal to be taken from my possession, and if I could have a say in who took it, I would choose Kogame rather than some international organisation for I truly owe her too much to deny her of her right\
[7/05/2011 7:32:40 PM] Tisiphone: / You do have a say in who takes it. You could bring that sword you carry to Kogame, share with us your visions, your knowledge, your understanding, and help us avoid the path you see, rather than hide here, seeing oncoming disaster but doing nothing. /
[7/05/2011 7:36:25 PM] Tisiphone: (brb dinner!)
[7/05/2011 7:36:48 PM] GM: \No, I am needed here at this shrine. The Spirits have forbidden me from leaving this nexus between the Spirit Plane and the Material Plane, furthermore, I fear that my knowledge could be the catalyst for the future I have foreseen. So no. I will remain here as a silent observer unless directed otherwise by The Spirits\
[7/05/2011 7:43:33 PM] Tisiphone: (hrm)
[7/05/2011 7:44:36 PM] Tisiphone: / Our lack of knowledge could be the catalyst for the future you have forseen. /
[7/05/2011 7:44:52 PM] Tisiphone: / My not jumping up and down on the spot could be the catalyst. /
[7/05/2011 7:45:47 PM] Sirello: (i think tsi would be glad sirello is not in this conversation)
[7/05/2011 7:45:50 PM] GM: \If you intend to carry on your current path, I would ask of you to accept Huzal as an ally – as I believe his wisdom will temper your hot headedness. I also understand he at one point was a guardian of sorts to you\ (I see you are without tank)
[7/05/2011 7:45:52 PM] Tisiphone: (hahahaha)
[7/05/2011 7:46:02 PM] Sirello: (his WISDOM…. AHAHAHAHAHHA)
[7/05/2011 7:46:06 PM] Sirello: ahem
[7/05/2011 7:46:07 PM] Sirello: sorry
[7/05/2011 7:46:15 PM] GM: (pretty sure its his dump stat lawl ><*)
[7/05/2011 7:46:23 PM] Sirello: isn’t that int?
[7/05/2011 7:46:24 PM] Tisiphone: (nah, that’s his int ;))
[7/05/2011 7:46:27 PM] Sirello: and cha?
[7/05/2011 7:46:30 PM] GM: (oh good rofl)
[7/05/2011 7:46:30 PM] Tisiphone: (I imagine he probably has decent wis :P)
[7/05/2011 7:46:36 PM] GM: (:D awesome)
[7/05/2011 7:46:38 PM] Sirello: is he a warden?
[7/05/2011 7:46:48 PM] Tisiphone: (yeah)
[7/05/2011 7:46:52 PM] Sirello: they’re con primary aren’t they?
[7/05/2011 7:46:58 PM] GM: ya
[7/05/2011 7:46:59 PM] Sirello: with str / wis secondary?
[7/05/2011 7:47:09 PM] Sirello: urgh
[7/05/2011 7:47:11 PM] Sirello: brutes
[7/05/2011 7:47:27 PM] GM: rofl
[7/05/2011 7:47:39 PM] Tisiphone: (wardens are str primary :))
[7/05/2011 7:47:54 PM] Tisiphone: (only defender with con primary is battlemind)
[7/05/2011 7:48:33 PM] Sirello: still a brute
[7/05/2011 7:48:54 PM] GM: \You are not incorrect Tisiphone, and if it is through my inaction that the worst occurs, I will accept whatever punishment the Spirits will bestow upon me.\
[7/05/2011 7:50:24 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone stares at Kei.
[7/05/2011 7:51:08 PM] Tisiphone: / Then you should also accept whatever punishments the Spirits bestow upon you should your action lead to the worst. /
[7/05/2011 7:51:14 PM] Tisiphone: / But at least in that case, you would have *tried
[7/05/2011 7:46:23 PM] Sirello: isn’t that int?
[7/05/2011 7:46:24 PM] Tisiphone: (nah, that’s his int ;))
[7/05/2011 7:46:27 PM] Sirello: and cha?
[7/05/2011 7:46:30 PM] GM: (oh good rofl)
[7/05/2011 7:46:30 PM] Tisiphone: (I imagine he probably has decent wis :P)
[7/05/2011 7:46:36 PM] GM: (:D awesome)
[7/05/2011 7:46:38 PM] Sirello: is he a warden?
[7/05/2011 7:46:48 PM] Tisiphone: (yeah)
[7/05/2011 7:46:52 PM] Sirello: they’re con primary aren’t they?
[7/05/2011 7:46:58 PM] GM: ya
[7/05/2011 7:46:59 PM] Sirello: with str / wis secondary?
[7/05/2011 7:47:09 PM] Sirello: urgh
[7/05/2011 7:47:11 PM] Sirello: brutes
[7/05/2011 7:47:27 PM] GM: rofl
[7/05/2011 7:47:39 PM] Tisiphone: (wardens are str primary :))
[7/05/2011 7:47:54 PM] Tisiphone: (only defender with con primary is battlemind)
[7/05/2011 7:48:33 PM] Sirello: still a brute
[7/05/2011 7:48:54 PM] GM: \You are not incorrect Tisiphone, and if it is through my inaction that the worst occurs, I will accept whatever punishment the Spirits will bestow upon me.\
[7/05/2011 7:50:24 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone stares at Kei.
[7/05/2011 7:51:08 PM] Tisiphone: / Then you should also accept whatever punishments the Spirits bestow upon you should your action lead to the worst. /
[7/05/2011 7:51:14 PM] Tisiphone: / But at least in that case, you would have tried. /
[7/05/2011 7:51:37 PM] GM: (BRB gota do some shopping!!)
[7/05/2011 7:51:48 PM] Tisiphone: (hehe shopping for what?)
[7/05/2011 7:52:00 PM] Tisiphone: (also strangleskei)
[7/05/2011 7:53:38 PM] Sirello: (so so SO glad i’m not part of this, sirello would be unimpressed :P
[7/05/2011 7:53:48 PM] Sirello: and might lose hsi temper a little …)
[7/05/2011 7:55:34 PM] Tisiphone: / Will you at least allow us to leave with Durandal, as by your own admittance, you confess that you shall not be able to guard it effectively, and this way, it shall be given without bloodhsed and will be in the care of someone who will fight tooth and nail to keep it. /
[7/05/2011 7:55:45 PM] Tisiphone: (hahaha Tisiphone’s close to losing hers :P)
[7/05/2011 7:58:36 PM] Sirello: rofl
[7/05/2011 7:58:37 PM] Sirello: cyb
[7/05/2011 7:58:38 PM] Tisiphone: (but really really really doesn’t want to fight :)
[7/05/2011 7:58:48 PM] Sirello: this was in an american case
[7/05/2011 7:58:58 PM] Sirello: basically a kid sent an email from his roommates account
[7/05/2011 7:59:07 PM] Sirello: saying he was gay
[7/05/2011 7:59:11 PM] Sirello: anyway
[7/05/2011 7:59:23 PM] Tisiphone: what happened?
[7/05/2011 7:59:23 PM] Sirello: they wanted to charge him, as part of this, they wanted a search warrant
[7/05/2011 7:59:32 PM] Sirello: this is part of the justification for getting teh warrant
[7/05/2011 7:59:38 PM] Sirello: “he uses two diferrent operating systems to hide his illegal activites. one is the regular B.C. operationg system (his uni) and the other is a black screen with white font which he uses prompt commands on”
[7/05/2011 8:01:47 PM] Tisiphone: hahahhahhaaha
[7/05/2011 8:02:56 PM] Tisiphone: that’s just … :P
[7/05/2011 8:46:36 PM] GM: BACK
[7/05/2011 8:47:33 PM] GM: \Very well. Tell me now then, which sword you suspect to be Durandal, and I will let you know if you are correct in your choice\
[7/05/2011 8:49:37 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone gestures to the sword in Kei’s hand, then adds, “Though Durandal’s power seems to be spread amongst those other blades.”
[7/05/2011 8:55:37 PM] GM: Kei nods You would be technically correct. This is indeed the sword that Durandal originates from. As you may know, Durandal was formed by the merging of 3 Heroic Spirit and due to the potency of this new Being, this vessel (she motions to the blade she holds) while meant to destroy Durandal by draining then dispersing its magical essence failed. However, Durandal for reasons unknown chose to tether itself to this sword, and upon measuring the merit of its wielder, may grant them ….favours in times of great need
[7/05/2011 8:58:48 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone raises an eyebrow at the mention of three heroic spirits. “Why did someone make a sword to try to destroy Durandal?”
[7/05/2011 9:03:05 PM] Sirello: / durandals power isn’t spread among the blades really, it’s more that they’re a method of storage. the blade is important, kei’s blade, because it is the method of channelling the spell that durandal has become /
[7/05/2011 9:03:31 PM] GM: It is said that before this sword was possessed by Durandal, that it was used an an anti-magic implement – it devoured magic. She unsheathes the sword and waves it in the air – you again feel that it seems to suck in all inert magic around it before dispersing it, creating small refractions of light as it passes through the air. as you can see Its potency has greatly decreased by Durandal’s presence – it is my guess that at a point in time, someone wished to destroy the 3 Heroic Spirits in one blow but they underestimated the Heroic Spirits’ strength of will
[7/05/2011 9:05:07 PM] Sirello: “It sounds like we aren’t taking durandal at all then, and there is little danger in the location of this sword, as the power is in the spirits interpretation of the need, not the blade. In the wrong hands, it can cause no harm that the spirits would not wish”
[7/05/2011 9:06:31 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone tilts her head. “Is that true? Could it be used for ill?”
[7/05/2011 9:08:37 PM] GM: I would say it is highly unlikely for it to be used for ill as it would take great power to subvert the will of Durandal. However, such power does exist throughtout the Planes
[7/05/2011 9:09:20 PM] Sirello: /Is this spirit more indepedent than the spear, could it differentiate beteen true good will, and misguided good will?/
[7/05/2011 9:09:54 PM] Sirello: (that one was to Kei as well)
[7/05/2011 9:10:17 PM] Tisiphone: “And you believe from your visions that someone or something with such a power may be…mobilising.”
[7/05/2011 9:13:36 PM] GM: I feel that the world is now on the verge of a cataclysmic event which will decide the fate of all those linked to this Material Plane
[7/05/2011 9:16:27 PM] Tisiphone: “Can you tell us more about this event?”
[7/05/2011 9:19:19 PM] Tisiphone: /to Sirello/I imagine Durandal can act as it sees fit… If it has the ability to make choices, it has the ability to make ‘wrong’ ones. /
[7/05/2011 9:34:32 PM] GM: As far as I can see, I believe that a choice will have to be made between a world where we live in co-existance with magic, or a world completely devoid of magic – a world where you would be torn from your sister (she looks at Tisiphone) a world where you are stripped of your aracana (she looks at Sirello)
[7/05/2011 9:34:40 PM] GM: (lol sorry had to make dinner ><) aha
[7/05/2011 9:35:38 PM] Tisiphone: (haha what’d you have?)
[7/05/2011 9:35:57 PM] GM: (chicken laksa!!!!!!)
[7/05/2011 9:36:11 PM] Tisiphone: (oooh yum!)
[7/05/2011 9:36:22 PM] GM: (^_^ i know right?!)
[7/05/2011 9:36:36 PM] Sirello: to cyb
[7/05/2011 9:36:40 PM] Tisiphone: (did you make it from a recipe? Or is there some kind of instant-laksa stuff you can get?)
[7/05/2011 9:36:53 PM] GM: (part recipe / part instant stuff lol)
[7/05/2011 9:37:10 PM] Sirello: /I didn’t mean whether he could do what he wanted, i meant could his view be altered by the view of the wielder, or is it an absolute morality/
[7/05/2011 9:42:54 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone nods soberly. “A choice? Whose choice, I wonder… Regardless, we shall do whatever we can to see that the magic remains in this world.”
[7/05/2011 9:43:47 PM] GM: Kei slowly nods.
[7/05/2011 9:45:13 PM] GM: *Tisiphone…what do you seek to gain from hunting down the Deviant Blades? Surely it can’t be out of altruism…

[7/05/2011 9:46:03 PM] GM: I can see a darkness within Sirello that pushes him to hunt them down, but you..you are somewhat of a wildcard
[7/05/2011 9:52:59 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone frowns. “I…” She switches to telepathy. /Several years ago, Alecto and I were imprisoned by a man who wanted to experiment with imbuing spirits into weapons. We were trapped there for a year. Eventually, he must’ve thought he had a breakthrough… but luckily for us, it wasn’t. His laboratory exploded./
[7/05/2011 9:57:08 PM] GM: \You truly have suffered, it is fortunate that that monster’s experiment failed, yet it is grave news indeed that people have started to try and emulate the creation of the Deviant Blades. It also explains the disappearance of many Spirits from the Planes\
[7/05/2011 9:58:55 PM] GM: \If it brings you any consolation, I would offer to let you stay here with me at this Shrine in order to heal and recuperate but I believe you would not accept…\
[7/05/2011 10:07:19 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone’s and Alecto’s eyes glitter. /We do not need consolation, we need to make these people stop. And that also means figuring out how to undo the enchantment that keeps the spirits trapped within the Deviant Blades that we have found. That is why we help Kogame./
[7/05/2011 10:10:45 PM] Tisiphone: /If I may ask… when did those spirits begin to disappear from the Spiritual Plane?/
[7/05/2011 10:12:19 PM] GM: \I see…I did not mean to insult you.\ She shakes her head and looks down at the sword in her hands. \I only noticed the disappearance of Spirits last year…at first I had thought that some Spirits had simply moved on to other Planes beyond my reach however more and more were ripped from the Planes, their cries still linger…..\
[7/05/2011 10:15:24 PM] GM: She draws the sword and closes her eyes in concentration. A dark glow encompasses the length of the blade sucking in light creating a kind of void. Kei resheathes the sword and takes a pose you vaguely reconise as one that allows for the quick draw of a blade – as soon as she sheathes the sword she violently unsheathes it, and an invisible wave pulses out in a cone infront of her. You hear the snapping of metal as all the swords laying in the couryard are shattered in their sheaths.
[7/05/2011 10:19:24 PM] GM: The presence that you guessed was Durandal seems to gather above the pile of swords, swirling and seem to coalesce into a large silvery mist before reverting back into he shape of a sword that vaguely resembles the sword Kei is holding out infront of her.
[7/05/2011 10:20:03 PM] GM: It then seems to be sucked in to the blade with asnap-hiss (like a lightsaber!!! zewm zewm!!)
[7/05/2011 10:20:37 PM] Tisiphone: (hehehehe)
[7/05/2011 10:22:42 PM] Sirello: (i want toa sk about the darkness inside me, but it seems like the wrong time
[7/05/2011 10:22:52 PM] Tisiphone: /I see… I shall have to look into it./ Tisiphone watches the recombining of Durandal focused eyes. /Ahh, so that’s how it’s done…/
[7/05/2011 10:22:55 PM] Tisiphone: (hehehe)
[7/05/2011 10:23:04 PM] Tisiphone: (do it anyway ;))
[7/05/2011 10:23:24 PM] GM: (you are the chosen one…you have so many midochlorians..but you are too old to be hunting the deviant blades….)
[7/05/2011 10:23:47 PM] Tisiphone: lol
[7/05/2011 10:24:49 PM] Tisiphone: (btw, Sirello can hear all that last part of the telepathy conversation)
[7/05/2011 10:26:27 PM] Tisiphone: (also http://www.wizards.com/dnd/downloads/dragon/399/399_CharThemes_1.pdf)
[7/05/2011 10:27:56 PM] GM: When Kei looks at you (Sirello) her eyes seem to burn into your very soul – the hairs on the back of your neck raise up – You have come into contact with one of the Demonic Blades and it has tainted your very soul. There is a darkness deep inside of you that warps your magical essence and slowly eats at yourr humanity
[7/05/2011 10:28:05 PM] Sirello: “What darkness do you see in me?”
[7/05/2011 10:28:13 PM] GM: When Kei looks at you (Sirello) her eyes seem to burn into your very soul – the hairs on the back of your neck raise up – You have come into contact with one of the Demonic Blades and it has tainted your very soul. There is a darkness deep inside of you that warps your magical essence and slowly eats at yourr humanity
[7/05/2011 10:30:42 PM] Sirello: goood
[7/05/2011 10:30:49 PM] Sirello: that sounds pleasant
[7/05/2011 10:31:32 PM] GM: _
[7/05/2011 10:32:05 PM] Tisiphone: (demonic blades…?)
[7/05/2011 10:32:45 PM] GM: (you’ve heard that people do sometimes refer to the deviant blades as demonic blades or even deadly blades – but very rarely)
[7/05/2011 10:33:14 PM] Sirello: “Why did you say demonic blade now, and deviant blades every other time. what was different?”
[7/05/2011 10:35:00 PM] GM: IT is uncommon knowledge that the Deviant Blades themselves can be broken down into sub-categories: 3 are Spiritual Blades, 3 are Demonic Blades and the last is of unknown origin….you Sirello, have been tainted by one of the Demonic Blades
[7/05/2011 10:35:33 PM] Sirello: (what was that dndinsider link cyub?)
[7/05/2011 10:36:08 PM] GM: ( ^ yeah cyb…we couldnt see it)
[7/05/2011 10:37:00 PM] Tisiphone: (oh, it was about themes hehe. They’re kinda like your extra little background perks and stuff)
[7/05/2011 10:37:24 PM] Tisiphone: (there’s a cute one where you get a little animal minion ;P)
[7/05/2011 10:37:52 PM] Tisiphone: (that doesn’t really do much… but there’s a daily utility power you can take where you can see through its eyes up to 1 mile away XD)
[7/05/2011 10:38:30 PM] GM: O_O
[7/05/2011 10:39:16 PM] Sirello: Sirello has that!
[7/05/2011 10:39:18 PM] Sirello: actually
[7/05/2011 10:39:22 PM] Sirello: with his familar!
[7/05/2011 10:39:22 PM] Sirello: XD
[7/05/2011 10:39:23 PM] Tisiphone: “Hmm. So Gae Bolg, Fragorach and Durandal are all Spiritual Blades then…?”
[7/05/2011 10:39:35 PM] Tisiphone: (hehehe your skull familiar? XD)
[7/05/2011 10:39:59 PM] Sirello: ya
[7/05/2011 10:40:29 PM] Sirello: (also something I get from being a hexblade)
[7/05/2011 10:40:43 PM] Tisiphone: (oh, the summons?)
[7/05/2011 10:41:33 PM] GM: Yes, I believe those to be the 3 Spiritual Blades
[7/05/2011 10:42:49 PM] Tisiphone: “How much do you know of the Demonic Blades? We saw a man of the Ataksuki who had a strange weapon that looked like a scythe with three blades…”
[7/05/2011 10:47:08 PM] GM: Alas, I know very little of the remaining 4 blades, but i do know one name: Bhakshak……..this 3 bladed scythe….I do not recall any legends depicting such a weapon, perhaps, Akatsuki being a foreign organisation, that this man is not a local which could explain such an exotic sounding weapon
[7/05/2011 10:51:40 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone nods. “Perhaps… it seemed important somehow… important enough for the man’s companion to take it and escape when the one who wielded it fell…” She frowns, putting the thought aside as she glances at Sirello. “…this demonic blade taint… what will it do to him?”
[7/05/2011 10:58:05 PM] GM: I have very little experience with taints with demonic origins….but I would suspect a corruption of his own magic – it will slowly change becoming easier to use and more destructive and over time, if I had to guess, he will succumb to its whispers of power destroying those around him and finally himself in search for more
[7/05/2011 10:58:31 PM] Tisiphone: (d’oh ;P)
[7/05/2011 10:58:42 PM] Tisiphone: “…can it be cured?”
[7/05/2011 10:58:57 PM] GM: Deep down, it is the desire to accumulate more power from whichever Blade that tainted him which drives him in his search
[7/05/2011 11:00:04 PM] Sirello: “My fate is my own, and my quest is my own. The spirits have no power over me”
[7/05/2011 11:02:16 PM] GM: For your own sake, I pray it is so. To have suppressed that darkness for so long is already an impressive feat, and if you wish to be completely rid of its taint, I would assume that acquiring the Blade which tainted you would play a part in cleansing your soul
[7/05/2011 11:02:32 PM] GM: (come to the darkside! we have candy! _ hahahahaha)
[7/05/2011 11:04:04 PM] Tisiphone: (tainted candy!)
[7/05/2011 11:04:14 PM] GM: (rofl)
[7/05/2011 11:10:29 PM] GM: Should you ever feel the darkness take your voice from you, use this to subdue it for a time….it will bind the taint for awhile and the Spirits will guide you – its name is Enkidu She reaches down and unclasps an ankle bracelet and presents it to you. you may choose how you wear it as this chains appearance will change depending on the wearer
[7/05/2011 11:11:15 PM] Sirello: arcana check it
“What does it do?”
[7/05/2011 11:12:27 PM] GM: http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing%3F.out%3Djpg%26size%3Dl%26tid%3D7593819&imgrefurl=http://www.polyvore.com/nicole_richie_inspired_pave_angel/thing%3Fid%3D7593819&usg=__CFtYVKvqGlJKt03uKtKxob4jVGE=&h=300&w=300&sz=8&hl=en&start=314&zoom=1&tbnid=FJdtigrSCtJ4HM:&tbnh=118&tbnw=118&ei=IEXFTbHBNI-gsQOC6bDrAQ&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dwinged%2Bnecklace%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26hs%3DLCi%26sa%3DN%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26biw%3D1920%26bih%3D887%26tbm%3Disch1%2C4113&chk=sbg&um=1&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=283&page=6&ndsp=61&ved=1t:429,r:17,s:314&tx=66&ty=87&biw=1920&bih=887
[7/05/2011 11:12:31 PM] GM: looks sorta like that _
[7/05/2011 11:13:12 PM] Tisiphone: heehee
[7/05/2011 11:14:34 PM] GM: You sense that it too is linked to the Spiritual Plane and is divine in nature. If you had to give a feel to it, it automatically reminds you of Kei
[7/05/2011 11:15:28 PM] Sirello: pretty
[7/05/2011 11:15:32 PM] GM: _
[7/05/2011 11:15:47 PM] Sirello: “You will not object if I seek the council of another priest before wearing this?”
[7/05/2011 11:15:50 PM] GM: (you can choose how to wear it – bracelet / necklace / ankle bracelet etc)
[7/05/2011 11:16:00 PM] Sirello: “I am thankful for the gesture though”
[7/05/2011 11:16:02 PM] Tisiphone: (lol)
[7/05/2011 11:16:20 PM] Tisiphone: (I love how we’re both turning down magic items XD)
[7/05/2011 11:16:21 PM] Sirello: (I trust her about as far as I could kick her)
[7/05/2011 11:16:36 PM] Sirello: (damn in character decisions!)
[7/05/2011 11:17:02 PM] Tisiphone: (hmm, would tisiphone notice anything else about the nature of its link to the spiritual plane?)
[7/05/2011 11:17:05 PM] GM: Kei laughs, If you can find a priest who would tell you not to wear it, I fear you will have unknowingly have come upon a truely evil cult
[7/05/2011 11:17:32 PM] GM: (fucking hell, i just reread that…fail fucking english…story of my life…)
[7/05/2011 11:17:48 PM] Tisiphone: (hahahhaa)
[7/05/2011 11:18:02 PM] GM: (i should just rp in mando aye…rofl)
[7/05/2011 11:18:29 PM] Sirello: rofl
[7/05/2011 11:18:35 PM] Tisiphone: (please no XD)
[7/05/2011 11:18:43 PM] GM: (wei shenme? rofl)
[7/05/2011 11:18:48 PM] Sirello: AND MY AXE
[7/05/2011 11:18:52 PM] GM: haha
[7/05/2011 11:19:01 PM] Tisiphone: (yin wei wo putunghua zhen bu hao)
[7/05/2011 11:19:11 PM] Tisiphone: (or rather, zhao gao!)
[7/05/2011 11:19:17 PM] GM: (HAHAHAHA wo men keyi lianxi, hao bu hao?)
[7/05/2011 11:19:37 PM] Tisiphone: (eeeeeyyehhhh)
[7/05/2011 11:20:09 PM] GM: (BTW lol, Alecto notices that there seems to be a fragment of a soul within the necklace that is dormant and extremely familiar)
[7/05/2011 11:20:25 PM] Tisiphone: (Errr, whose soul?)
[7/05/2011 11:20:54 PM] GM: (YOURS HAHAHAHA :P lol jking…..it just feels extremely familiar)
[7/05/2011 11:21:11 PM] Sirello: (I am SO NOT WEARING THIS until I get spiritual advice)
[7/05/2011 11:21:17 PM] GM: (and because it is dormant, atm you can’t really get anything more other than that)
[7/05/2011 11:21:31 PM] GM: (well atm, infront of Kei at least…you can play around with it later hahahah)
[7/05/2011 11:21:36 PM] GM: (roflmfao :P)
[7/05/2011 11:21:49 PM] GM: (i love giving you guys items which you reject :P its hilarious…)
[7/05/2011 11:22:01 PM] Tisiphone: Alecto peers curiously at the chain.
[7/05/2011 11:22:31 PM] Tisiphone: /to Sirello/There’s something familiar about it… /
[7/05/2011 11:22:46 PM] Tisiphone: /to Sirello/Can’t pin it down yet though./
[7/05/2011 11:23:14 PM] GM: (lol alecto can hear “help me! let me ooouut! hahahha)
[7/05/2011 11:23:21 PM] Tisiphone: (haha actually, it’s nice being able to have the luxury to reject magic items without worrying about being gimped XD)
[7/05/2011 11:23:23 PM] GM: (jking… <>< >_>)
[7/05/2011 11:23:30 PM] GM: rofl
[7/05/2011 11:23:38 PM] GM: i rkn !
[7/05/2011 11:24:14 PM] Sirello: lol
[7/05/2011 11:24:38 PM] Sirello: (i wouldn’t say no to that 5 implement now though …)
[7/05/2011 11:25:38 PM] Tisiphone: (are you taking it at least? XD)
[7/05/2011 11:25:41 PM] Tisiphone: (I wanna snoop!)
[7/05/2011 11:30:53 PM] Sirello: oh yeah
[7/05/2011 11:31:00 PM] Sirello: i’ll take it to a priest of ioun
[7/05/2011 11:31:00 PM] Tisiphone: (also http://www.boingboing.net/2011/05/06/hello-kitty-toddler.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A
[7/05/2011 11:31:03 PM] Sirello: and get them to check it
[7/05/2011 11:31:09 PM] GM: lol ok
[7/05/2011 11:31:12 PM] GM: HAHAHAHA
[7/05/2011 11:31:17 PM] GM: thats so cute!!!!!
[7/05/2011 11:31:22 PM] Tisiphone: And so disturbing :|
[7/05/2011 11:31:38 PM] GM: sif!
[7/05/2011 11:32:25 PM] Tisiphone: You’d be sitting on hello kitty’s face :P
[7/05/2011 11:32:46 PM] GM: ……way to ruin everything cyb…..why would you do that?
[7/05/2011 11:32:49 PM] GM: and omfg
[7/05/2011 11:32:53 PM] GM: this 1 grp member of mine
[7/05/2011 11:33:00 PM] GM: insists of spelling time → tym
[7/05/2011 11:33:05 PM] Tisiphone: lol
[7/05/2011 11:33:07 PM] GM: what tym we meeting? same tym as last tyme?
[7/05/2011 11:33:11 PM] GM: ……..
[7/05/2011 11:33:14 PM] GM: it’s shitting me to tears
[7/05/2011 11:33:18 PM] Tisiphone: hahahaha
[7/05/2011 11:33:42 PM] Tisiphone: maybe it’s tym to correct his spelling :P
[7/05/2011 11:33:52 PM] GM: OHOHOHO I SEE WHAT YOU DID CYB
[7/05/2011 11:34:00 PM] Tisiphone: ;P
[7/05/2011 11:34:25 PM] Tisiphone: or are you too tymorous to do so? :P
[7/05/2011 11:34:48 PM] GM: (Do you take Enkidu? from Kei?)
[7/05/2011 11:35:03 PM] Tisiphone: (poke Andrew)
[7/05/2011 11:35:12 PM] Tisiphone: (Enkidu? :P that sounds familiar)
[7/05/2011 11:35:20 PM] GM: (OMFG ok, Alecto spontaneously combusts)
[7/05/2011 11:35:30 PM] Tisiphone: (ahahahaahahaaaa)
[7/05/2011 11:36:35 PM] GM: (yeah enkidu would sound familiar :P alot of the weapons etc should be familiar too ^_~)
[7/05/2011 11:36:49 PM] Sirello: Yes I take it
[7/05/2011 11:36:51 PM] Tisiphone: (don’t actually recognise any of the weapon names)
[7/05/2011 11:37:02 PM] GM: (would you recognise caladbolg? ^
[7/05/2011 11:37:10 PM] Tisiphone: (nope!)
[7/05/2011 11:37:14 PM] GM: ( !!!! )
[7/05/2011 11:37:20 PM] Tisiphone: (what is it? :P)
[7/05/2011 11:37:26 PM] GM: (…excalibur? hahaha)
[7/05/2011 11:37:43 PM] Tisiphone: (ohh really?)
[7/05/2011 11:37:59 PM] Tisiphone: (huh. Never come across the name before)
[7/05/2011 11:38:04 PM] GM: (no lol, but that kinda stuff heehee)
[7/05/2011 11:38:17 PM] Tisiphone: (lol)
[7/05/2011 11:38:40 PM] GM: (i wana try something so yeah…)
[7/05/2011 11:38:42 PM] Tisiphone: (Caladbolg (”hard sheath", or, in line with its Welsh cognate Caledvwlch, “hard cleft”;)
[7/05/2011 11:38:48 PM] Tisiphone: (sounds…kinda…)
[7/05/2011 11:38:54 PM] Tisiphone: (ok, I’ll stop :P)
[7/05/2011 11:39:01 PM] GM: (why must you ruin everything cyb? why???)
[7/05/2011 11:39:09 PM] Tisiphone: (I CAN"T HELP IT)
[7/05/2011 11:39:16 PM] Tisiphone: (IT"S MY ONLY TALENT)
[7/05/2011 11:39:18 PM] GM: (you should be the 1 who is tainted !!!! )
[7/05/2011 11:39:22 PM] GM: (HAHAHAHA)
[7/05/2011 11:39:30 PM] Tisiphone: XD
[7/05/2011 11:40:32 PM] Tisiphone: (okay, from now on, I’ll endeavour to keep all dodgy associations to myself ;P)
[7/05/2011 11:41:08 PM] GM: Kei unsheathes Durandal and points it at the two of you Before I hand over Durandal, I request to measure your abilities against my own She smiles a small wistful smile Besides, It’ll be the last time I practice with this blade and I am extremely fond of it
[7/05/2011 11:41:14 PM] GM: (you so bad lol)
[7/05/2011 11:41:22 PM] Tisiphone: (ooh, a fight!)
[7/05/2011 11:41:32 PM] GM: (YEAH! a fight!)
[7/05/2011 11:41:36 PM] Tisiphone: (woo!!)
[7/05/2011 11:41:49 PM] GM: (lolifyoudiehere)
[7/05/2011 11:41:52 PM] Tisiphone: (so embarrassing if we lose)
[7/05/2011 11:42:01 PM] Tisiphone: (it’ll be like ….)
[7/05/2011 11:42:03 PM] Tisiphone: (……..)
[7/05/2011 11:42:08 PM] Tisiphone: (…………………….)
[7/05/2011 11:42:13 PM] Tisiphone: (commitseppuku)
[7/05/2011 11:42:15 PM] GM: (instead of doing normal combat, I wana make it more rp’ish skill challengy combat haha)
[7/05/2011 11:42:35 PM] Tisiphone: (I hope we’re not going to be required to make acrobatics checks :P)
[7/05/2011 11:42:47 PM] Tisiphone: (or ath checks)
[7/05/2011 11:42:57 PM] Tisiphone: (or any kind of physical skill checks)
[7/05/2011 11:42:59 PM] Tisiphone: (XD)
[7/05/2011 11:43:10 PM] GM: (no actually, what i had in mind was, we go off turns, and describe what we do with whatever abilities we have – reflavoured or whatnot, and then you roll a percentage die to see how successful you are)
[7/05/2011 11:43:28 PM] GM: (other checks will key off your main stat as well if we have to use it)
[7/05/2011 11:43:33 PM] Tisiphone: (haha ok)
[7/05/2011 11:43:45 PM] Tisiphone: (also… what time of day would it be now?)
[7/05/2011 11:44:13 PM] GM: the sune would be setting!
[7/05/2011 11:44:28 PM] GM: so there is a pinkish/orangey hue to the courtyard now
[7/05/2011 11:44:35 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone inclines her head. “If you wish. How shall this be done?”
[7/05/2011 11:44:48 PM] GM: (TO THE DEATH!!! RAAAAR HULK SMASH) rofl
[7/05/2011 11:45:02 PM] Tisiphone: (ARR!)
[7/05/2011 11:45:16 PM] Tisiphone: Alecto eyes Kei Tsururu warily.
[7/05/2011 11:45:29 PM] GM: Kei smirks First one to yield is the loser of course!
[7/05/2011 11:45:48 PM] Sirello: /really?/
[7/05/2011 11:46:03 PM] Sirello: (also, i totally avoided googling the name of the necklace)
[7/05/2011 11:46:04 PM] Sirello: (so tempting)
[7/05/2011 11:46:14 PM] Tisiphone: (hahaha)
[7/05/2011 11:46:23 PM] GM: (hahaha, have you googled all the other names? :P)
[7/05/2011 11:46:25 PM] Tisiphone: /Heh. What’s the worst that could happen./
[7/05/2011 11:46:35 PM] Sirello: (nope, trying not to spoil it)
[7/05/2011 11:46:41 PM] GM: (haha)
[7/05/2011 11:46:44 PM] Sirello: /…/
[7/05/2011 11:46:53 PM] Tisiphone: /…/
[7/05/2011 11:47:43 PM] Sirello: (you realise all my combat stuff is built around avoiding combat … XD)
[7/05/2011 11:48:40 PM] GM: As the two of you stand there day dreaming, you hear Kei push of the ground as she bounds towards Tisiphone, durandal in her left hand and still sheathed.
[7/05/2011 11:49:50 PM] Sirello: (I’m not following this enough to lkeep pace with combat)
[7/05/2011 11:50:00 PM] Sirello: but sirello shimmers
[7/05/2011 11:50:04 PM] Sirello: and splits in two
[7/05/2011 11:50:12 PM] Tisiphone: (haha there’s no hp involved… also haha all my abilities are keyed towards out of combat stuff now XD)
[7/05/2011 11:50:20 PM] Tisiphone: (also.. buffing :P)
[7/05/2011 11:50:34 PM] Sirello: the area around me and tsi
[7/05/2011 11:50:35 PM] GM: tisiphone is so surprised by this sudden rush that she is completely caugh off-guard as Kei successfully ducks low to sweep your feet from underyou – Tisiphone comes crashing down to the floor with an ‘OOOF
[7/05/2011 11:50:43 PM] Tisiphone: (lol wtf)
[7/05/2011 11:50:51 PM] GM: (i rolled a 106% dice!!!!)
[7/05/2011 11:50:55 PM] Tisiphone: (hahahahahahaaaa)
[7/05/2011 11:50:59 PM] Sirello: (9 squares)
[7/05/2011 11:51:13 PM] Sirello: is now impenetrable darkness
[7/05/2011 11:51:17 PM] Sirello: (you can see fine tsi)
[7/05/2011 11:51:17 PM] GM: (oki!)
[7/05/2011 11:51:21 PM] Tisiphone: (woo!)
[7/05/2011 11:51:40 PM] GM: You both hear a squark of surprise as all light is sucked out of the immediate area.
[7/05/2011 11:51:58 PM] Sirello: “I will only defend myself and my friend”
[7/05/2011 11:52:14 PM] Sirello: “I will not otherwise partake in this”
[7/05/2011 11:52:29 PM] Sirello: (friends)
[7/05/2011 11:52:33 PM] Sirello: plural
[7/05/2011 11:52:37 PM] Sirello: (sorry alexo)
[7/05/2011 11:52:38 PM] GM: (rofl)
[7/05/2011 11:53:19 PM] GM: You seriously have no sense of fun…and darkness? really?
[7/05/2011 11:53:19 PM] Tisiphone: (lol you realise all my abilities are basically…make allies hit harder? XD)
[7/05/2011 11:53:26 PM] GM: (omfg srsly? rofl
[7/05/2011 11:53:39 PM] GM: (you can treat alecto as your ally!)
[7/05/2011 11:53:40 PM] Tisiphone: (apart from stabbing from Alecto)
[7/05/2011 11:54:48 PM] GM: (can you both see in the dark?)
[7/05/2011 11:55:00 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone grunts as the air rushes from her lungs, then rolls to her feet, unlooping the hair-string from around her wrist as Alecto darts forward silently in the dark, a stick in her hand.
[7/05/2011 11:55:02 PM] Sirello: (I can, but it doesn’t matter for this spell)
[7/05/2011 11:55:08 PM] Tisiphone: (hmmm, dice)
[7/05/2011 11:55:19 PM] Tisiphone: (also how the heck did you roll 106%? XD)
[7/05/2011 11:55:32 PM] GM: (100 and a 6 on the other d10 lol)
[7/05/2011 11:55:33 PM] Tisiphone: (and… what would 85% do? :P)
[7/05/2011 11:55:44 PM] Tisiphone: (lol really?)
[7/05/2011 11:55:50 PM] GM: (yeah lol)
[7/05/2011 11:56:07 PM] GM: (mmm well what did you want to do…wack her with the stick?)
[7/05/2011 11:56:18 PM] Tisiphone: (Just clock her politely over the head ;P)
[7/05/2011 11:56:39 PM] GM: (you successfully bonk her on the head!)
[7/05/2011 11:57:01 PM] Tisiphone: (hahaha ok, how about this, you get to roll the dice for the action, but the other person writes the reaction/successful effect)
[7/05/2011 11:57:12 PM] GM: OOOH good idea!
[7/05/2011 11:57:30 PM] Tisiphone: (how long does this darkness last for?)
[7/05/2011 11:58:11 PM] GM: (mmm lets say until the end of Sirello’s next turn lol)
[7/05/2011 11:58:55 PM] Tisiphone: /ironically Well, we have to have something to even the odds./
[7/05/2011 11:59:50 PM] Sirello: (no
[7/05/2011 11:59:54 PM] Sirello: it’s forever
[12:00:00 AM] Sirello: or until i stop sustaining)
[12:00:05 AM] Sirello: (which i won’t, unless it has no effect)
[12:00:13 AM] GM: You hear/see Kei lash out in the direction she thinks Alecto struck her from (83%)
[12:00:23 AM] Sirello: (also, it is damaging to kei if she is in there)
[12:00:58 AM] Sirello: (if it hits, Kei overbalances slightly as alexo teleports somewhere) (77)
[12:01:21 AM] Tisiphone: (reaction? She’d actually disappear if Kei did enough damage to make her dissipate ;P)
[12:02:11 AM] GM: (well Durandal is still sheathed :P so it wouldn’t do thaat much damage if it hit :P)
[12:03:01 AM] GM: As Kei lashes out at the darkness, she seems pivot too quickly, causing her to loose her footing for a split second.
[12:03:07 AM] Tisiphone: (lol then she’d know it’d be pointless attacking a spirit? :P)
[12:03:18 AM] Sirello: (no, interupt)
[12:03:30 AM] GM: (combat reflexes! rofl)
[12:03:44 AM] Tisiphone: (haha this is going to be weird XD)
[12:03:51 AM] GM: (><* yeah lol)
[12:06:17 AM] GM: (btw the darkness is a magical darkness right?)
[12:07:16 AM] Tisiphone: As Kei slips, Alecto grabs her arm, putting her upright again, then disappears to reappear next to Tisiphone. Extchanging glances, they seem to fade into the darkness.
[12:07:41 AM] Sirello: (can’t remember, but yeah, why not)
[12:07:52 AM] Tisiphone: (no attack this round ;P)
[12:08:49 AM] Tisiphone: (though rolled 17% for something :P So I suppose they’d give away their location ;P)
[12:10:00 AM] Tisiphone: There’s a rattling of broken, discarded swords, and a quiet swearing as Tisiphone accidentally steps on one of the swords.
[12:11:31 AM] Tisiphone: /Tiz… I don’t actually know how to play-fight…/ /…yeah… neither do I…/
[12:12:04 AM] GM: Looking slightly disgruntled at the lack of actual combat, Kei again, assumes the position she took before reclaiming Durandal’s Spell from all the other blades – you feel a buildup in Durandal’s presence for a moment before she charges forward again towards you, and when she seems like she is about to charge past you, all three of you witness Kei appear behind you and bonk you quite hard on the head (all of you would only see the Kei that hit you – like you would all assume that you were the one’s targeted) Aha! 1st hit!
[12:12:25 AM] GM: Do you yield before the might of Durandal?
[12:14:07 AM] Sirello: (which one of me did she hit? both?)
[12:14:15 AM] GM: (both)
[12:15:09 AM] Tisiphone: “Ow! No! And that was your first hit. Alecto clocked you one first…So there.” Tisiphone resists the urge to stick out her tongue.
[12:15:54 AM] GM: Oh what? You hit me? I didn’t feel it…you must hit like a…girl…a little girl
[12:16:23 AM] Tisiphone: /But…we are girls./
[12:17:00 AM] GM: (haha, do you say that telepathically to Kei?)
[12:17:07 AM] Tisiphone: (yeah XD)
[12:17:28 AM] GM: She replies, somewhat flustered \weak little little girls! not even girls!\
[12:17:38 AM] GM: \kittens!\
[12:18:34 AM] Sirello: “Damn it”
[12:18:40 AM] Sirello: Sirello shimmers again
[12:18:41 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone’s eyes seem to sparkle with something suspiciously close to amusement. She exchanges a glance with Alecto, who nods. And then reappears behind Kei with a chain of ghostly flowers in her hands.
[12:18:45 AM] Sirello: And looks like Kei
[12:18:49 AM] Tisiphone: Which she promptly drops over Kei’s head.
[12:18:57 AM] Sirello: “Oh my, you’re so inadequate next to me, aren’t I pretty?”
[12:18:59 AM] Tisiphone: And then disappears again to appear beside Tisiphone.
[12:19:08 AM] Sirello: (in her voice)
[12:19:35 AM] Sirello: “look at my pretty sword! I use it to beat up people! In the name of goodness!”
[12:19:42 AM] Sirello: “sirello prances”
[12:20:03 AM] Tisiphone: (lol, Sirello’s so mean hahahaaha)
[12:20:11 AM] GM: (LMFAO)
[12:22:37 AM] GM: Kei stares at Sirello (and his copy?) unimpressed, you feel the same build up of Durandal’s presence as she charges again – this time at Sirello, and again she appears behind you, this time, kneeling down and proceeds to ram the hilt of durandal up your bum while shouting out A THOUSAND YEARS OF PAIN!!
[12:23:13 AM] Sirello: (copy disappeared when it was hit)
[12:23:30 AM] Sirello: (and sirello is a perfect copy of Kei)
[12:23:57 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone bites back a muffled snort of laughter, though it’s hard to say who she’s laughing at at the moment.
[12:24:03 AM] Sirello: When this happens, Kei feels a sharp pain in her rectum.
[12:24:10 AM] Sirello: And Sirello looks like himself again
[12:24:19 AM] Sirello: (remember that power dom lol?)
[12:24:43 AM] Sirello: He rubs is butt “Really?”
[12:24:57 AM] Sirello: “I hope it hurt you as much as it hurt me”
[12:24:59 AM] GM: (hmmm technically im not sure if that would work lol, because that power would be supersceded by durandal’s ability lmao)
[12:25:18 AM] Sirello: how?
[12:25:27 AM] Sirello: or is this that-which-is-not-known
[12:25:51 AM] GM: (nm lol i’ll be clearer later, but i’ll ignore it atm)
[12:27:03 AM] GM: As you turn around to look at Kei, she lets out an extremely high pitched squeal and drops Durandal, clutching at her butt ahhhh, it hurts it hurts it hurts, tears are streaming down her face as she rolls on the ground
[12:27:15 AM] Tisiphone: ……..
[12:27:39 AM] GM: lmfao what an awesome power
[12:28:13 AM] Sirello: (if it hurt that much, sirello would be down too)
[12:28:25 AM] Sirello: (fortitude is not a strong point)
[12:28:28 AM] GM: (ROFL then yes you are down too)
[12:30:04 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone hrms. She weaves a flower-like pattern in her totem and Sirello feels healed… as does Kei (but slightly less so), as Alecto appears beside her and lays a cool hand on the Shrine Maiden’s shoulder.
[12:30:23 AM] Sirello: Sirello grumbles
[12:30:52 AM] Tisiphone: “Sorry… not very good at this, um.. friendly…sparring… thing…”
[12:31:04 AM] Sirello: bbs
[12:31:06 AM] GM: Kei sniffs I guess that’s what I get for using Durandal in an immature manner…. then she mumbles sorry to Sirello
[12:31:33 AM] Tisiphone: “Are you okay?”
[12:31:56 AM] Sirello: (assume for this RP that sirello is grudgingly accepting)
[12:33:19 AM] GM: I’ll be ok, I only wanted to play around with Durandal one last time….I never actually got to spar any one before – you see, I learnt my swordsmanship from a family picture book
[12:33:54 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone blinks. “Really?”
[12:34:14 AM] Tisiphone: “It must be quite some book.”
[12:35:32 AM] GM: It is – it’s a family heirloom with pictures instructing beginners in my family sword-style
[12:36:23 AM] GM: Unfortunately I had no other instructorbesides the book so my technique is somewhat lacking
[12:36:52 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone can’t resist asking “…is there a page with a picture of someone poking someone else in the bum?”
[12:38:09 AM] GM: Kei blushes,…..no….I just thought thatitwouldteachSirelloalesson
[12:38:54 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone covers her hand with her mouth.
[12:38:57 AM] Tisiphone: err(the other way around)
[12:39:00 AM] Tisiphone: (lol)
[12:39:08 AM] GM: (ROFL)
[12:39:22 AM] Tisiphone: (Tisiphone EATS HER OWN HAND)
[12:41:06 AM] GM: Kei quickly recovers and indignantly says Besides! It’s a completely legitimate move to execute! In real combat, Sirellow would have been completely impaled!
[12:41:20 AM] Tisiphone: (LOL)
[12:41:28 AM] GM: (GOOD SAVE! ROFL)
[12:41:51 AM] Tisiphone: “I’m… glad we weren’t fighting for real then.”
[12:42:27 AM] Tisiphone: “It did look quite effective.”
[12:42:49 AM] GM: Hmmph, I;m sure you are….it would have been super effective
[12:44:19 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone agrees, “I would most definitely not have enjoyed being the target of that attack.” … “…so…” change of subject….“that portrait in the hallway is your ancestor then?”
[12:46:44 AM] GM: Kei proudly looks at you and states Yes, not just any ancestor mind you, but General Iozune Tsururu
[12:47:08 AM] GM: Kei says this if she expects you to know who her ancestor is.
[12:47:17 AM] GM: as if^
[12:47:45 AM] Tisiphone: (do i?)
[12:47:59 AM] GM: (nope! lol, you did the check before hahaha)
[12:48:10 AM] Tisiphone: (oh lol)
[12:48:20 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone looks blank.
[12:48:45 AM] GM: Kei stares at you You…you don’t know who Iozne Tsururu is?
[12:49:02 AM] Tisiphone: “I had a…strange childhood.”
[12:50:20 AM] GM: Kei sighs and seems to deflate a bit. Iozune Tsururu was one of the Great Generals who lead the coup against The Tyrant – she was the original wielder of Durandal and is known for sundering the Iron Gates of Lemuria…..ring any bells yet?
[12:51:13 AM] Tisiphone: “Ohhh, that Iozune Tsururu. Sorry… my history knowledge is a little lacking.”
[12:51:56 AM] Tisiphone: (lol what was the deal with the Tyrant anyway?)
[12:53:16 AM] GM: (Feor used to be a military state – think Sparta, except with 1 king, there was a coup by some of his generals and he was killed, and a Council was installed)
[12:53:34 AM] GM: I see…well no matter then…
[12:56:51 AM] GM: sensing a lull in conversation, Kei sighs I guess this is the moment where I’m supposed to hand over Durandal and preach to you the importance of this blade and that you must protect it from those who would do evil…
[12:57:20 AM] Tisiphone: (ahh cool)
[12:57:24 AM] Tisiphone: (what did the tyrant do? :P)
[12:58:47 AM] Tisiphone: “I promise we will do everything we can to protect it.”
[12:59:58 AM] Tisiphone: “And for what it’s worth, I hope that when we figure everything out, Durandal will come back to you.”
[1:02:30 AM] Tisiphone: (how old is Kei anyway?)
[1:02:42 AM] GM: (it was said, that the King was pushing the state too hard – he cracked down on any naysayers, frequently raided neighbouring countries, was looking to build a navy to start invasion of nearby islands, and was generally a dick :P)
[1:03:09 AM] GM: (Kei you would estimate to be around 33ish)
[1:04:31 AM] GM: As much as I hope forthat to happen, I doubt I will ever hold Durandal again.
[1:05:05 AM] GM: She regretfully offers Durandal to you
[1:06:33 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone accepts Durandal with a bow. “Thank you, Kei Tsururu.”
[1:06:43 AM] GM: <Insert comment from Hazul that he will ensure Durandal’s safety and that he will look over the two immature children>
[1:06:49 AM] Tisiphone: (hahaha)
[1:06:56 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone gives Hazul a very dry look.
[1:08:06 AM] GM: Kei bows to you, then Alecto, and gives a very quick half-bow to Sirello I pray for your good health
[1:09:25 AM] Tisiphone: (how long does it take to get back to town again?)
[1:09:47 AM] GM: (1.5 days)
[1:11:20 AM] GM: As you all leave the Shrine, all the Shrine Attendants bow to you all – you get the feeling that they are paying their respects and giving thanks to Durandal rather than your small group.
[1:11:53 AM] Tisiphone: (aww, goodbye little shrine attendants)
[1:12:35 AM] GM:
<Hazul waves at everyone as he leaves>
[1:13:10 AM] GM: omg FINALLY rofl…Kei arc over!
[1:13:12 AM] Tisiphone: (XD)
[1:13:15 AM] Tisiphone: (lol)
[1:13:25 AM] Tisiphone: Actually, I still wanna ask Kei some questions!!
[1:13:27 AM] Tisiphone: But maybe later XD
[1:13:31 AM] GM: haha oh right!
[1:13:31 AM] Tisiphone: On another trip hahahah
[1:13:45 AM] Tisiphone: on a spare side-trip maybe XD
[1:13:45 AM] GM: roflmfao
[1:13:46 AM] GM: u never finished ure convo with her cause Sirello cut in to ask about his inner darkness
[1:13:50 AM] Tisiphone: hehehe
[1:13:57 AM] Tisiphone: oh well ;)
[1:14:01 AM] Tisiphone: one day…
[1:14:01 AM] GM: ask the qns and I’ll give you the cliff notes if u want haha
[1:14:14 AM] Tisiphone: hahaha actually, wanted to ask her about Kogame
[1:14:19 AM] Tisiphone: and their history.
[1:14:28 AM] Tisiphone: (always good to know your employer :P)
[1:14:33 AM] GM: (lol fair enough)
[1:15:10 AM] Tisiphone: (paranoid, who me? :P)
[1:17:18 AM] GM: Kei would have told you that when they were younger, (she is slightly older than Kogame) they – along with a few other children – were ‘playmates’ (this is common practice between ‘noble’ or ‘well off’ families with children of similar ages) They attended the same school, until later Kei was head hunted to study at the Temple of Ioun under the Head Priest
[1:18:07 AM] Tisiphone: Why’d they fight?
[1:18:38 AM] Tisiphone: ‘cos she mentioned something about Kogame and “the greater good”
[1:21:29 AM] GM: Later on, further on during their respective studies – they both had opinions that clashed in regard to how the State should be run by the Council – Kei essentially thought that the Council was a bit of a flop and should be left to slowly deteriorate and destroy itself, which is also why she left the cities to attend to Shrines etc, whereas Kogame decided to ’get her hands dirty’ and change the system from within.
[1:22:11 AM] Tisiphone: ahh ok, cool :)
[1:23:40 AM] GM: You’d also get the feeling from Kei, that Kogame was seen as quite a prodigy
[1:24:52 AM] Tisiphone: nod

Tracking Friedrich
Tisiphone & Alecto go to the University of Fleia to find information on Friedrich (tbc)

[1/05/2011 9:52:11 PM] Tisiphone: To the university!
[1/05/2011 9:52:37 PM] GM: ok!
[1/05/2011 9:52:39 PM] GM: (give me a sec brb)
[1/05/2011 9:58:59 PM] GM: BACK!
[1/05/2011 10:02:59 PM] GM: As you ask for directions to the University District, you notice that lots of what you assume to be students pouring out of the Univeristy gates and breaking off into smaller groups as they enter various cafes/ shops / restaurants. (it’s around lunch time)
[1/05/2011 10:04:57 PM] GM: You also hear some people shouting out to people passing by – in particular one young man who seems to be pushing flyers into the hands of everyone he accosts.
[1/05/2011 10:06:55 PM] Sirellow: Socialist!
[1/05/2011 10:06:57 PM] Sirellow: run away
[1/05/2011 10:07:00 PM] Sirellow: or bible society
[1/05/2011 10:07:02 PM] Sirellow: run away!
[1/05/2011 10:08:46 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone accepts one of the flyers with bemusement.
[1/05/2011 10:09:53 PM] Sirellow: Socialist Bible Society
[1/05/2011 10:09:57 PM] Sirellow: RUN AWAY
[1/05/2011 10:10:09 PM] GM: As you accept the flyer, the young man shouts into your face COME AND SEE MY PLAY, THE GREAT KIRCHE MONTMORENCY’S TRAGIC AND HEROIC UNREQUITED LOVE STORY!
[1/05/2011 10:11:16 PM] GM: He then rushes off to hand flyers to other people
[1/05/2011 10:11:21 PM] Tisiphone: lol
[1/05/2011 10:11:50 PM] Tisiphone: “Uhhh… right…” / Strange people around here… /
[1/05/2011 10:12:04 PM] GM: The flyer itself, has a picture of the same guy who just gave you your flyer, looking at a mirrror with love hearts floating around him.
[1/05/2011 10:12:14 PM] Tisiphone: hahhaha
[1/05/2011 10:12:27 PM] Tisiphone: She looks around for a bin.
[1/05/2011 10:13:18 PM] Tisiphone: (and a map)
[1/05/2011 10:13:28 PM] GM: Nearby you see a bin ….that is full of scrunched up flyers….it seems to be overflowing. You can hear some students mumbling *He’s at it again….
Does he ever give up?
[1/05/2011 10:14:37 PM] GM: Further in, right infront of the gate there seems to be a large billboard with a map of the entire University.
[1/05/2011 10:16:21 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone chucks the flyer into the bin along with the rest and walks up to the billboard to see what faculties there are around. And also looking for libraries.
[1/05/2011 10:19:10 PM] GM: As you skim the board, there seem to be alot of faculties, ranging from Faculty of High Arts, Faculty of Social Mannerisms, to Faculty of Magika, Faculty of Arcane Relics
[1/05/2011 10:19:40 PM] GM: the Library seems to be situated right in the middle of the entire campus – it seems to be one of the largest buildings if not the largest building on the map.
[1/05/2011 10:22:36 PM] Tisiphone: woop, off to the faculty of social mannerisms!
[1/05/2011 10:24:45 PM] GM: As you head in the direction of the Faculty of Social Mannerisms, you notice that there are more female students in this part of the campus, and that the dress code is impeccable. You get some scandalised looks from younger girls as they take in your somewhat shabby appearance.
[1/05/2011 10:25:09 PM] Tisiphone: hahahahaahaa
[1/05/2011 10:26:54 PM] GM: One young man approaches you – he’s wearing a silk shirt with black beads, white tights and black cavalry boots with a cloak draped over one shoulder Good day dear lady, you appear to be distressed and in need of my aid He takes a bow.
[1/05/2011 10:28:38 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone takes a step back. “Oh! Ummm… hi! Actually, I was looking for the Faculty of Magika.”
[1/05/2011 10:31:47 PM] GM: Aha! The Faculty of Magika! Allow me my delicate flower to escort you to the correct side of our highly esteemed University He offers you his arm to take, but quickly retracts it Introductions are in order first! How uncivilised for me for not doing so earlier, I am Duke Charles von Tropswich the Second, pleased to meet you and he bows again before extending his arm again for you to take And you my dear are…?
[1/05/2011 10:32:38 PM] Tisiphone: (lol insight 33 to see if his title’s actually real)
[1/05/2011 10:33:08 PM] GM: By now, you notice that some of the other female students who are watching / passing by giggle slightly
[1/05/2011 10:33:44 PM] GM: (you get the idea that he being completely serious)
[1/05/2011 10:37:01 PM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone’s beginning to regret her joking foray into the faculty of Social Mannerisms and starts to back away slowly. “Ummm, never mind, it’s okay, I’m sure I can find it myself…err, Duke…”
[1/05/2011 10:39:11 PM] GM: No I insist! I could not call myself a gentleman if I was to leave such a poor distressed maiden such as yourself alone and lost in this overwhelming large and intimidating Campus that is our great and famous University He steps towards you and takes you by the arm Come, I will give you a quick tour of our University and the history behind it
[1/05/2011 10:44:59 PM] Tisiphone: Alecto, hovering in the spirit plane, snickers. / “Poor, distressed maiden…” / / Oh, shut up. Maybe he’ll know something useful doubtfully /
[1/05/2011 10:45:00 PM] Tisiphone: “Uhh.. okay.. if it’s quick…?”
[1/05/2011 10:45:16 PM] Tisiphone: (haha going to watch Centurion)
[1/05/2011 10:45:29 PM] GM: (haha ok! we can rp more later! _)
[1/05/2011 10:45:33 PM] Tisiphone: hehehe
[12:18:14 AM] Tisiphone: hahaha hilarious movie
[12:18:32 AM] GM: really?
[12:18:36 AM] GM: OH WAIT
[12:18:38 AM] GM: the movie
[12:18:41 AM] GM: where they get wiped out
[12:18:44 AM] GM: and run around like idiots
[12:18:47 AM] GM: thaaat 1
[12:18:57 AM] Tisiphone: Starts with a guy pissing off a wall who then promptly gets stabbed in the groin.
[12:19:02 AM] Tisiphone: Hilarity ensues.
[12:19:06 AM] GM: kek
[12:20:49 AM] GM: yeah ive seen it rofl
[12:24:50 AM] Tisiphone: hehe
[12:32:50 AM] GM: dnd cyb! dnd!
[12:33:38 AM] Tisiphone: ur move! XD
[12:34:25 AM] GM: where were we up to!
[12:34:25 AM] GM: rofl
[12:34:28 AM] GM: let me read up
[12:34:41 AM] GM: RIGHT!
[12:37:58 AM] GM: Charles takes you an extremely haphazard tour of the campus, pointing out various buildings sometimes multiple times and how they came to be named before you both finally arrive at a small domed building with a small plate on the side of the entrance reading “Faculty of Magika and Arcane Relics”
[12:38:49 AM] GM: During your walk, Charles asks So my dear, what brings you on this fine day to our great and fantastic University of Fleia?
[12:53:12 AM] Tisiphone: (insight 28 to see how much of a buffoon this guy is :P)
[12:54:55 AM] GM: (you get the idea that he seems to know alot of -random -stuff, while you’ve been walking with him, he’s been reciting all the history of the buildings, and the architecture)
[12:58:50 AM] Tisiphone: Welp, honesty is best! “Actually, I’ve been doing some research on magical artefacts and came across some interesting…theories by a man named Freidrich whom I believe did a doctorate at this university. Was actually hoping to see if I could find more of his writings.”
[1:00:30 AM] Tisiphone: / Subtle. / Alecto rolls her eyes.
[1:00:37 AM] Tisiphone: / Shut up. /
[1:02:35 AM] GM: Well, lovely lady, you will indeed find what you are looking for in this Faculty he motions to the domed building. Almost all magical theory has come from our splendid University, all members of Oracon 6 graduated from here. The reception is this way He leads you inside to what you believe to be the reception.
[1:04:50 AM] GM: When you enter the building, you feel as if you have entered a ritual field. The entire 1st floor is devoid of furniture except for an egg shaped table with a lady sitting there with glowing runes floating on the surface of a small scrying pool.
[1:05:19 AM] Tisiphone: (Oracon 6?)
[1:06:57 AM] GM: (You’ve heard that Oracon 6 is a group of 6 ‘Magical Masters’ who help advise the Mayor on magical installations around the city – they help set up sending scroll ‘post offices’ etc)
[1:07:17 AM] Tisiphone: (haha awesome)
[1:07:34 AM] Tisiphone: (also, arcana 31 to figure out what the ritual field does)
[1:07:45 AM] GM: She looks up at the pair of you, looks you up and down and automatically dismisses you. She then looks at Charles Yes student?
[1:09:28 AM] GM: When Charles speaks, you immediately take note that his tone of voice has become alot less flamboyant and extravagant Ma’am, this lady here was asking for directions to the Faculty of Magika in hopes of following up on some research papers
[1:10:22 AM] GM: (you get a sense that the ritual field was aimed at strengthening the faculty building itself, and to contain any fluctuations that may occur)
[1:11:07 AM] GM: (btw did u give this guy ure name?)
[1:11:12 AM] Tisiphone: (haha nope)
[1:11:18 AM] GM: (kk lol)
[1:14:35 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone bobs somewhat awkwardly. “Umm, hello. I was wondering whether you’d know of a man named Friedrich. I came across some of his…research and believe he studied here?”
[1:17:18 AM] GM: The receptionist gives you another appraising look There are a few Friedrich’s that I know of that are currently alumni of this faculty, would you happen to know his surname, area of study or name of puplished papers?
[1:22:28 AM] Tisiphone: (Hmm, deviant blades are like legend, right? People don’t think they actually exist?)
[1:24:13 AM] GM: (no people know they exist, but dont believe they actually have magical properties – they think it’s all children stories – most people would have read / been taught enough history to know at least some of the stories of particular deviant blades)
[1:26:27 AM] Sirellow: is this something you’ve changed since the original world started dom?
[1:26:34 AM] Sirellow: regarding the knowledge about the power of the deviant blades?
[1:26:58 AM] Sirellow: i thought the seven generals / blades taking down the dictator with their power was pretty accepted
[1:28:36 AM] GM: (yes that is a known fact that the blades played some part, but that was basically 150 years ago, and since then when people have wielded the weapons none have really witnessed miracles as spectacular as told by tale – so as time went by, people thought that the power came more from the wielders themselves – magical by nature – than the actual blades which now are seen more as symbols)
[1:29:20 AM] GM: (and by most people i mean people who have zero magical training etc, so dont really know much if anything at all about enchanting etc)
[1:32:27 AM] Sirellow: if you were a student at uni
[1:32:32 AM] Sirellow: and you said to your educated class mates
[1:32:41 AM] Sirellow: “i want to study the magic of the deviant blades”
[1:32:51 AM] Sirellow: (ignoring practical considerations of obtaining one)
[1:32:56 AM] Sirellow: would you be laughed at?
[1:33:46 AM] GM: (most likely, yes, you can practially kiss your career goodbye – unless you’re extremely talented – because any research you would do would be unfounded theory)
[1:34:39 AM] Tisiphone: (hmmmmm)
[1:36:23 AM] GM: (i can elaborate on that later for u too andrew lol – for sirello)
[1:36:31 AM] Sirellow: k
[1:40:15 AM] GM: The receptionist drums her nails on the side of her scrying pool, looks up at Charles and dismisses him Student, thank you for brining the young lady here, you’re now dismissed – I can deal with matters pertaining to our Faculty
[1:40:56 AM] Tisiphone: (d’oh what to say lol)
[1:40:58 AM] GM: Charles nods Yes Ma’am, turning to you he gives you a curt nod and bids you good day.
[1:45:05 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone waves nervously goodbye. "The treatise was about um… transformative arcana. Uhh, I don’t know the last name, unfortunately. There was a lot of “I AM FRIEDRICH” written in large letters in the margin. Seemed quite a uhh character."
[1:45:29 AM] Tisiphone: Alecto’s facepalm on the spritual plane can be heard for many spiritual miles.
[1:45:33 AM] GM: (hahahahahahahaaha)
[1:45:37 AM] GM: (AHAhahahahahahaha)
[1:46:12 AM] Tisiphone: (…yeah…)
[1:48:47 AM] GM: The receptionist quirks an eyebrow at this description. The side of her mouth twitches as well. Clearing her throat, she says I actually believe I know which Friedrich you refer to – Professor Friedrich Mohs, I’ll have you verify for me that I am correct
[1:49:25 AM] Tisiphone: inward sigh of relief “That’s the one!”
[1:51:09 AM] GM: Her fingers skim over the surface of the water in the scrying pool and it lights up from within. The secretary then says Arhive, a thin wall of water rises from the bowl with runes flickering up and down the watery screen. Archive, Identify, Alumni, PRofessor Mohs, Friedrich
[1:52:47 AM] Sirellow: Alecto’s facepalm on the spritual plane can be heard for many spiritual miles.
[1:52:48 AM] Sirellow: ahahahaha
[1:52:52 AM] GM: small runes rise from the bowl upto the screen of water and a picture of Friedrich appears at the top. Underneath are what you assume to be papers that he had published in the past Is this the Professor whom you’ve read Miss?
[1:52:53 AM] Sirellow: i loled at that
[1:52:58 AM] Tisiphone: XD
[1:53:01 AM] Sirellow: also
[1:53:13 AM] Sirellow: sirello has begun recreation
[1:53:14 AM] Sirellow: dreamwalker psion
[1:53:17 AM] Sirellow: :D
[1:53:22 AM] Tisiphone: hahaha awesome :D
[1:55:04 AM] Tisiphone: Recognising the face, Tisiphone also skims the topmost paper before she nods. “Yes, that’s him!”
[1:56:29 AM] Tisiphone: (ooh, dreamwalker looks interesting)
[1:56:46 AM] GM: Well then, I’m afraid to say that Professor Friedrich is no longer situated within the University. He has not been a lecturer for several years now. However, if you wished to speak to his colleagues or access his publications then I will be able to help you
[1:56:46 AM] Tisiphone: (kinda shamany XD)
[1:57:27 AM] GM: Miss, if you don’t mind me asking, which institude did you study at? I don’t recognise you as a student or an apprentice here
[2:00:44 AM] Tisiphone: (Is there a university at that town where Tisiphone came from, that has a name I can’t remember? ;P)
[2:01:18 AM] Tisiphone: (actually, fuckit)
[2:01:37 AM] GM: (Yhs Academy of Arcane Arts)
[2:01:40 AM] GM: (loll)
[2:02:29 AM] Tisiphone: “I’m…studying with Master Sirello… you probably haven’t heard of him, he is a bit…recluse.” Tisiphone looks somewhat embarrassed.
[2:04:13 AM] Tisiphone: / …so… close… just…let me see the godsdamned papers!! /
[2:04:18 AM] GM: Master Sirello you say…you wouldn’t happen to know his surname would you? I believe I may know him
[2:04:30 AM] Tisiphone: / crap. /
[2:05:02 AM] GM: (ROFL u realise Sirello graduated from this university right? and only left like 2 years ago)
[2:05:12 AM] Tisiphone: (yeah, she didn’t know that hahhaahaa)
[2:05:40 AM] Tisiphone: (does she even know Sirello’s last name?)
[2:05:42 AM] Tisiphone: (Drew?)
[2:05:54 AM] Tisiphone: (lol)
[2:06:00 AM] Sirellow: heh
[2:06:00 AM] Tisiphone: (otherwise, she’s just gonna make something up :P)
[2:06:05 AM] Sirellow: it’s doubtful
[2:06:14 AM] Sirellow: i don’t think even manx knows
[2:06:21 AM] Tisiphone: “Sirello Manxorian.”
[2:06:27 AM] Tisiphone: / … /
[2:06:45 AM] GM: Sirello Sirello….calling himself a Master now..of all things, he always was a bit of a pretentious fop. She looks you up and down again I wouldn’t have expected him to apprentice someone like you…you don’t really seem like his type
[2:07:36 AM] GM: She laughs Manxorian…what a queer name to be using now, he really has fallen upon desperate times it seems
[2:08:24 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone’s startled blink isn’t totally feigned.
[2:09:14 AM] Tisiphone: “I… don’t know anything about what…err… type he’d… apprentice…”
[2:10:12 AM] Tisiphone: / Soooo should’ve gotten Sirello to do this. /
[2:10:16 AM] Tisiphone: / Yes. Yes, you should’ve. /
[2:10:21 AM] Tisiphone: / Shut up. /
[2:11:00 AM] GM: You poor thing, you must come from one of the smaller villages….anyway, did you wish to view Professor Friedrich’s papers? or would you prefer an associate of him run you through the theories
[2:11:42 AM] Tisiphone: “Oh, just the papers would be fine, thank you.” She looks totally flustered now :P
[2:12:42 AM] GM: Very well then, you will be given access to the Visitors Library on level 2 – give me your hand please
[2:14:11 AM] Tisiphone: “Thank you, ma’am!” As she gives the receptionist her hand, she asks, “Actually… does he have many associates I could talk to if I require more information after studying his papers?”
[2:18:01 AM] GM: using her fingers, she touches the surface of the water in her scrying bowl and pulls from it a thin sheet of ice. She then presses the small round icy disc into your palm. When she does this you see a runeflash through the ice and you can feel it press into your palm. the Visitors Pass is keyed to your magical signature so only you can use it. As I said, you only have access to the Visitors Library on level 2 and the pass will last for the rest of the day. Should you require the expertise of a Professor you may use the Archive Bowl in the Visitors Library to book a consultation time.
[2:21:31 AM] Tisiphone: “Thank you again! Err, how would I get to the Visitors’ library?”
[2:22:08 AM] GM: She motions to her right, call the Tenser’s Floating Disc and it will take you to level 2
[2:23:15 AM] GM: When you look to your left, you do indeed see an area marked out by ritual runes inscribed into the floor that you recognise to be the floating disc.
[2:23:40 AM] Tisiphone: Tisiphone skdaddles to the library!
[2:25:26 AM] Tisiphone: XD
[2:26:52 AM] GM: In the library, there are a few other people present, all reading books of somesort. You realise that everything has been shelved alphabetically, according to the publisher.
[2:27:23 AM] GM: Making it relatively easy to find the section that holds Friedrich’s published papers
[2:31:45 AM] GM: the first few papers you spot are:
[2:31:52 AM] GM: Friedrich’s Transcending Transformation
Friedrich’s The Alchemy behind Imbuement
Friedrich’s Bounded Fields and their Boundaries
Friedrich’s Theory of Transmogrification
Friedrich’s Sentience of Magic
[2:33:31 AM] Tisiphone: (is there any way to copy these for later reading?)
[2:35:43 AM] Tisiphone: (also, we should totally sleep soon ;))
[2:36:26 AM] GM: (weaaakkk rofl….ummm unless you have time to start writing, you’re not sure how you could copy them)
[2:39:26 AM] Tisiphone: (haha, how long are these papers?)
[2:40:38 AM] GM: (they all average around 15 pages)
[2:41:15 AM] Tisiphone: Weeell, she’ll just start reading. Probably Alchemy behind Imbuement first, and then Transcending Transformation.
[2:41:49 AM] Tisiphone: I imagine she can get Kogame to requisition some copies hehe
[2:46:20 AM] GM: As you read Alchemy behind Imbuement, the gist you get is that Freidrich instead of imbueing items through normal means – ie: ritual components etc, instead chose to to do so via alchemical means – he attempted and succeeded in transfering properties for potions / elixers / poisons etc to variious items. This was somewhat groundbreaking as rituals themselves are limited in comparison to what alchemical goods can do so essentially this helped broaden the scope of enchanting.
[2:46:53 AM] Tisiphone: Are you just making all this stuff up on the spot? :|
[2:46:59 AM] GM: lol yeah
[2:47:07 AM] Tisiphone: You’re amazing lol
[2:47:09 AM] Tisiphone: :|
[2:49:08 AM] GM: In Transcending Transformation, Friedrich writes about normal transfiguration of items and then having them evolve / develop by themselves. This paper is all theoretical, as he talks about creating a magical catalyst that will essentially lead to transfigured items gaining some sense of ‘self’ and being able to adapt to their environment.
[2:50:24 AM] Tisiphone: XD
[2:50:55 AM] Tisiphone: And then she reads all the others!
[2:52:23 AM] Tisiphone: She’s actually starting to feel respect for his talent :P Despite his assholishness ;P
[2:53:04 AM] GM: Bounded Fields and their Boundaries speaks of normal ritual fields and how they are usually limited by the pre-determined area that they have been cast upon. Friedrich experimenting with space rituals in order to move ‘more space’ into the previously set field of the ritual thus technically ‘increasing’ the boundary of a ritual field.
[2:54:41 AM] GM: Theory of Transmogrification is a simple rehash of changing objects into other objects, except he plays around with characteristics of the transfigured objects – ie: if he transfigured a stone into a pig, he tried to create a pig with stone skin, or alternatively a stone that could be cut up into pork.
[2:55:09 AM] Tisiphone: lol
[2:58:33 AM] GM: Sentience of Magic, is the last paper you read and it is also the lastest paper he wrote. The style of writing changes slightly as it seems to question more – it questions the limitations of what is recognised as the ‘Laws of Magic’ and he begins to explore the idea that magic is not a tool but is infact a sentient being. He draws upon spirits and their magical propertes and how they have an idea of ‘self’ and like living beings have their own psyche. Towards the end, he starts to touch on the idea of the manipulation of magical entities and their potential effects – supercharged rituals for example, driven by a sentient force to oversee it thus negating the need for constant maintenance.

Reporting In
After confronting Felix with Sirello & Manx, Tisiphone and Alecto report in to Kogame.

As Tisiphone, with Alecto, report the morning’s events to Kogame, Kogame listens with a somewhat indulgent smile, nodding every so often.

Tisiphone eyes that indulgent smile warily. “…you knew this would happen, didn’t you?”

“Honestly? When Sirello told me who his ‘target’ was, I did not expect Felix to show up. You should be flattered though he indulged you so, in the past Felix has out right snubbed some of my own overtures in setting up a meeting with him.”

The girl hrmphs in somewhat disgruntled agreement. “In all honesty, I almost wish he had snubbed us.” She frowns. “Did you know of his changeling doubles?”

“Tell me, Tisiphone, what are your impressions of Felix?”

“Umm…” Terrifying? “…formidable? Outwardly, he acts like a fop, but almost everyone we met in the basement seemed terrified of him.”

“I once met Felix before I took my current position within the Military.” Kogame seems to have a far off look in her eyes. "At that point in time I did not know him as Felix. He was an exceptional young man. Ambitious and uncomprimising, the qualities one would expect of a person being groomed for the position of the Head of Grimoire Heart. However, a few years ago, Zelef announced who his successor would be – his brother’s son Al’cruied – a man that essentially, no one knew and to this day do not see nor hear from often. On that day it is said that Felix staged a coup and failed but for whatever reason was not executed or exiled.

“I’m not sure what I’m trying to convey to you Tisiphone, except that Felix is a very dangerous man in his own right and should not be trifled with – I would speculate that it the vast amount of connections he has within Grimoire Heart that stayed Zelef’s hand on that day.”

Tisiphone says, “I have no intention of trifling with him whatsoever now and in the future, but unfortunately I can’t undo the trifling that has already happened.”

She exchanges a glance with her sister.

“You… know what we are, yes?” It’s not really phrased as a question.

Kogame points to her mismatched eyes, “I can see what you are..yes.” (slight emphasis on see) “Unlike others in our current society, I do not see you as an abnormality of nature – infact I would argue that your being is more in tune with nature than we could ever be.”

Tisiphone and Alecto both tilt their heads slightly to the side.

/Can’t believe that one slipped you by, Ali… must be losing it…/
/Bah! You didn’t see it either./

“We… are glad you see it that way.”

Leaning forward slightly, Kogame asks, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you able to sense the powers, the spirit, the essence, however you wish to call it, that is within the Deviant Blades.” She indicates to Fragarach which is sitting between them on the coffee table.

The twins nod. “We can. They are…” they shudder, “a violation of the natural order. As I am sure you have guessed, Grimoire Heart tried to do the same to Alecto.” Alecto bares her teeth in a silent snarl.

“You have my condolences, I too know what it feels like to be caged and seen as an anomaly. However your ability to sense the Deviant Blades for what they truely are is something of a rarity that would be impossible to overlook.

“And it is this reason that I would very much like to bring you under my own employment. I can assure you that I am both a very generous and understanding benefactor unlike many others out there who would try to mainpulate you unfairly or blackmail you into servitude.”

/…well, it’s what we’re kind of looking for, right…?/

“What would be the terms of the contract?”

“Before I answer that, I would ask of you if you and Alecto had any stipulations of your own.”

Tisiphone hesitates, before replying, "We would require full access to the Deviant Blades in your possession so that we may study them, find a way to undo their power and release the spirits that are trapped within them.

“We also would like to know your stance on Grimoire Heart. Officially and personally.”

Kogame chuckles. “Full access to the Deviant Blades in my possession, alas the only 2 blades that I have are the ones you have brought before me: Fragarach and Gae Bolg – and I guess that due to you playing a part in retrieving them it would only be fair you be allowed to study them. However, I must ask that you not take them out of my ‘storage’ area or use them unnecessarily.”

Tisiphone nods. “Of course.”

“As for my stance on Grimoire Heart, would it suffice to say that my dealings with them are all official and are part of my job – if it were up to me, I would rather not have work relating to the Military contracted out to Private Company with such a dubious nature.”

“And what is the official stance on Grimoire Heart?”

“They are an extremely useful Company that will improve movements of goods and services between coastal cities.”

The sisters’ mouths quirk wryly. “Ah.”

“If you don’t mind, I have a few questions of my own. What are the limitations of you ‘sensing’ the Deviant Blades? and are you able to detect more than just spirits?”

The sisters converse silently for a moment before Tisiphone speaks, “It would depend on the item, and the nature of what is in the item. With Gae Bolg and ”/campaigns/fleia/items/fragorach" class=“wiki-content-link”>Fragorach, we could feel it immediately once we were close, but others may be more subtle and difficult to detect."

Kogome’s brows are furrowed as she thinks over what you have told her. Finally, "It seems to be that you are indeed very intune with the Spiritual Plane. I’ve read statements from other Shamans in the past who could only give vague descriptions or general vibes from ‘enhanced’ artifacts.

“I believe that while it will be challenging working with me, you will find it enjoyable and rewarding.”

She offers the twins her hand.

Another pause before Tisiphone and Alecto extend their hands to touch Kogame’s. “One more thing. I will not allow harm to befall Sirello and Manx if I can help it.” (Alecto’s lip curls somewhat derisively at this)

Kogame replies, “Of course, I too would prefer it if they avoided putting themselves in unnecessary danger. After all, it would not reflect well on me as an employer if anything were to happen to them.” Kogame titters slightly at her own humour.

As their fingers touch, Tisiphone feels a tingling kind of jolt go up her arm then down her spine, and she feels somewhat more invigorated. Kogame’s handshake also seems extremely fragile. As they meet eyes, it seems as though time stops for a moment, and Tisiphone’s vision blurs slightly, seeming to see Kogame’s mismatched eyes swapped around. Then everything reverts to normal.

Tisiphone feels that there is an aura that seems to emanate from within Kogame but seems to be reigned in but it feels warm and comforting – like healing.

[OOC: mechanically, she gains a healing surge that will remain until it’s expended and will not disappear on an extended rest]

Tisiphone sits back. “Hmmm… while I’m here… what would you know of a mage named ”/campaigns/fleia/characters/friedrich" class=“wiki-content-link”>Professor Friedrich Moh?"

Kogame looks at you questioningly “Friedrich?”

“He was studying Fragorach before we err, liberated it. I believe he was the head of whatever research they were conducting in the west wing of the Grimoire Heart complex.”

Kogame purses her lip, “Off the top of my head, I do not know this Freidrich that you encountered.”

“He seemed to imply that he had discovered some way of… possessing other bodies?”

Kogame nods. “I will most definitely look into it myself.”

“Hmmm. If it helps, I believe received his doctorate at a university that looked something like…” She describes what she saw in that brief flash of memory from Friedrich.

Kogame looks extremely alarmed by this, "Possessing other bodies? Did he elaborate on this? How did it happen that he presented this knowledge to you?

“That hall…It sounds to me he graduated from Fleia University…

“Indeed though, that it would make sense that Grimoire Heart is recruting from Fleia University, after all, some of the greatest minds have been nurtured there.”

“I don’t know any specifics… he may have been raving. As to how we found out…” Tisiphone hesitates.

/ Do you plan to tell her all of our secrets, sister? / Alecto hisses in her mind. / You trust too easily, and I pay the price! We have given her enough already. /

Kogame says, “Well you have given me some very interesting information, I will inform you should I find anything regarding this Friedrich.”

Tisiphone nods with some relief. “I believe he had a friend at the university… whose research he stole and used as his own.” She describes the young man. “He would be about…” <insert> " years of age now?"
[1/05/2011 8:32:26 PM] Kogame: (if you had to hazard a guess, he was around 27 in the memory)
[1/05/2011 8:32:40 PM] Tisiphone: (hehe coolies)

“I see. Thank you again, Tisipohne, I can already tell I will enjoy working with you, perhaps in the future you will come to trust me enough to involve me in your conversations with Alecto.”

Tisiphone smiles faintly. “I hope so. There is now a favour I must ask of you. As you know, I have revealed myself to Felix’s changeling, who almost certainly relayed information back to his master. I don’t know what Felix’s intentions are yet, and I don’t want to find out the hard way. I’d be grateful for any assistance that would help me elude him for a while longer.”

The girl suddenly grins. “Or, you know.. forever. But that would be wishful thinking.”

“Fear not Tisiphone, Grimoire Heart most likely knows that you are under my employment, that knowledge by itself should would make them hesitate openly acting against you. However, if you wish for something more visible,” She reaches behind her neck and unclasps a necklace “If you choose to wear this visibly, Grimoire Heart will know you are a personal ….agent of mine and will not dare to confront you directly”

The neckalce itself, seems to looke like vines holding together small branches of sakure flowers – like the sakura trees that line the entrance to Kogame’s House. The chain itself is made of interlocked bits of metal that look do a very good job of imitating the colour/texture of tree branches, with pink jewels set in the sockets where petals should be. (http://www.etsy.com/listing/60456595/handtwisted-cherry-blossom-tree-necklac)

Tisiphone turns the necklace over in her hands. (arcana check 27 to notice anything magicky XD) The necklace is warm to touch (given that she was wearing it) but as she holds it, it doesn’t seem to loose its warmth. It seems to give off a very weak feel of what happened when you shook Kogame’s hand.

“However I must warn you, with that necklace you may garner some unwanted attention from others who wish to pry into my business – but they will do no more than badger you for information about me.”

Tisiphone ponders it for a while and then shakes her head, returning the necklace. “Thank you, Kogame, I’ll trust in your influence and Felix’s intelligence.”

Kogame takes the necklace back, “Very well then – did you have any other worries that you feel should be addressed now?”

“I think that’s all for now.”

“When where you planning on visiting my good friend Kei and persuading her relinquish Durandal? I believe the Shrine is usually quiet at this time of year.” She seems to speak Kei’s name quite fondly.

Tisiphone hmms. “We can head out whenever Sirello and Manx are ready. Is there anything about Kei Tsururu that we should know? What are the limits on, err, persuasion?”

“I don’t believe you would find it within yourself to raise arms against Kei, she more than anyone else would understand what I am trying to achieve and will eventually surccumb to what is reasonable. However, should she remain stubborn and immature, I will not denounce the use of force. this is the path that I have chosen and I will walk it unflinchingly.”

Tisiphone nods and gets to her feet, Alecto following silently. “We shall see you when we return.”

Kogame nods and rises as well. “I wish you luck and a safe return then.”

Stuff Happened

Many things happened.


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